MR3 Voting

Dec. 12th, 2013 07:09 pm
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Voting on entries for Main Round 3 is now open.

You can read all of the Main Round 3 entries in the Main Round 3 Dreamwidth community. If you wish to leave feedback on any entries, feel free to do so in the comments of the entry in question.

We ask that you read as many entries as possible before voting. Please choose the entries you wish to vote for based on the quality of the entry, the portrayal of the ship involved, and the interpretation of the prompt.

Votes are cast on an individual basis, although if all members of a team vote, that team will receive a point bonus.

When voting, you are asked to list three teams. These must all be different, valid teams in the competition which submitted an entry to this round. You may not vote for your own team, and you can only vote cast one set of votes. Invalid or duplicate votes will be penalized.

When voting, put your Dreamwidth username and your own team in the subject line, and the teams you wish to vote for in the main body of the post. Please use the official team names, i.e. the names of the characters involved in the ship separated by slashes. The order you cast votes in does not matter.

An example voting post could be:

benedlund (Team Writers)

Leave your votes in the comments below; these are screened and will not be visible to other participants.

Main Round 3 votes must be cast before December 25.