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Bonus Round 5 is now closed, and Bonus Round 6 is now open!

This round, we're asking you for recommendations of works by your fellow SRSers produced in the Bonus Rounds or Main Rounds.

Recommend works using the format explained below to earn 5 points per rec. Each rec must include at least two sentences explaining why that fanwork is awesome.

  • Replace YOUR SHIP with the name of the team you belong to
  • Use this format (copy-and-paste this template into your comment):

(If the work you're remixing doesn't have a title, insert a very short description, e.g., "br[X] fill by [fill author] for [prompter]" or something similar.)

This Bonus Round will end on December 8.

Fill: team benny/dean

Date: 2013-12-01 10:06 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] presumablynot
Rec 1: Pardon my French
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Why I'm recommending it: This fic was a fantastic response to my prompt. it was funny and sweet and captures Sam and Dean's brother dynamic so well. With Dean on a date and sammy one-upping him without even meaning to, i couldn't help but laugh. By the way, it didn't actually have a title, but i thought this one was a good fit.

Rec 2: Lust
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Why I'm recommending it: The story is mesmerizing. Lucifer's characterization as lost and alone is just gorgeous because you can see that there is something deeper going on. The entire story flows brilliantly from start to end, and the diologue felt realistic. Even the smutty part was downright artistic. it's 2,000+ words and the author clearly put a lot of effort into it.

Rec 3: Get Lucky
Creator:Team Balthazar/Crowley
Why I'm recommending it: The song sets the mood for the video very well, and the clips chosen really tell a story of their own. I was very impressed that even though the two characters were not actually in any scenes together, you managed to make it seem like they were. And there was just the right mix of clips where the two characters weren't shown to make it visually appealing and add to the overall story.
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