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Since many of you won't have used Dreamwidth before, here's a quick guide to help with the competition. If you have any problems, please check the FAQ and contact the mods.

Dreamwidth Comments

To discuss a post or leave a Bonus Round entry, you can post a comment by clicking 'Reply' at the bottom of the main post body - in the bright red strips on our current layout. You can also reply to other comments by clicking 'Reply' on them, and this will create a thread layout to keep the conversation together. Comments include a Subject line, which is visible when the thread is collapsed, and some bonus rounds will require a certain format for this line so we can track entries.

On your own posts, you can set whether or not comments are enabled, or turn on Comment Screening. If comment screening is on, the comments will only be visible to their author and the community admin until approved by an admin. Screened comments which are never approved may be used to collect information and/or votes anonymously.


You can reach the Profile for an account or community by entering /profile at the end of its URL - for instance, -  or by searching for that account name using the 'Site and Account' search box. The profile page allows you to view community members, and, where available, includes the options to track (you are notified about new entries), subscribe (entries appear on your DW reading page), become a community member, and privately message the account holder.


Dreamwidth Communities can be created from the Dreamwidth homepage by selecting Create Community from the Create menu under the icon. Communities can have different settings and layouts as with personal blogs, but they also have Members and Admins. You can choose whether to let anyone become a member or to limit it to invitations; in the latter case, invitations can be sent to specific accounts by selecting Organise-Manage Communities from the Dreamwidth menu, and navigating to the 'Members' tab.

Once your team are all members of the team community, you can create member-only posts by choosing from the drop-down "Show this entry to" menu when posting (beside the "Post" button). Member-only posts will be considered to meet the anonymity requirement for this competition, and are recommended when discussing and editing entries prior to posting them. With the right community settings, all Members of the community will be able to post, but Admins will be able to edit or delete the posts of others if neccessary. This is useful for Main Round entries as the Team Leader will be able to copy-paste the formatted post from the team comm to the round entry comm.

Round entry comms will be created at a later date and only Team Leaders will be granted posting access. There will be no need for anonymity as only one member of each team is permitted to post. However, this does mean that if a team leader will be absent for posting one round, they must contact us in advance to transfer the posting right to another team member.