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Entries for Main Round One need to be submitted by posting them to the Main Round One comm. All team leaders or their appointed replacements should have been invited to this comm already, and have posting rights. If they do not, they should contact the mods immediately.

Formatting for entries is detailed below. Everything within [square brackets], including the square brackets themselves, should be deleted and replaced with the specifics of your entry.

The title for the entry post must be in the following format:

[MEDIA]: [Title] ([Team])

For example:

FIC: The Woman In White (Team Chuck)

When creating the body of the post, you should navigate to the HTML tab at the top of the post editor (next to the subject line) and copy-paste the following

You can then continue editing in normal view or HTML as you prefer and the correct formatting should be produced.

The mods will be using for consistency and openness in word counts. However, you can use other word count software (which may produce slightly different figures) provided your word count falls within the limits for the media you have chosen.

Please remember that any text within images should be captioned, and will count towards the total word count. The full list of required tags can be found in the Tagging Policy.

Entries must be submitted by midnight between October 20-21, 2013 in order to earn participation points for this round. Please check the countdown on the tumblr page if you are not sure how much time you have left. Late entries will be posted late, but may still be voted for and receive placement points.

Note: Only one entry per team can be submitted. If there is some problem and you need to resubmit your entry, please contact the mods to alert them to this. Teams which submit multiple entries without contacting the mods will have points deducted.