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The voting is over, and the results are in!

1. Anna/Ruby: FIC+GRAPHICS We All Go to Hell
2. Benny/Dean: ART+FIC La vie en rose
Crowley/Sam: FIC+GRAPHICS The Angry Young Man
Castiel/Crowley: FIC Home
5. Castiel/Lucifer: FIC+GRAPHICS Demons
6. Anna/Jo: VIDEO Only the Strong Survive
7. Balthazar/Crowley: VIDEO Get Lucky
Gabriel/Lucifer/Crowley: FIC+GRAPHIC When You Were Young You Were the King of Carrot Flowers
9. Castiel/Dean/Samandriel: FIC Under the Covers
Dean/Michael: FIC Country Song

Teams with the same number of votes have been awarded the same number of points.

The leaderboard for this round will be posted shortly!

Thank you to everyone who produced an entry and to everyone who voted! As previously mentioned over on the tumblr, you are free to de-anon your works!