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Bonus Round 5 is now closed, and Bonus Round 6 is now open!

This round, we're asking you for recommendations of works by your fellow SRSers produced in the Bonus Rounds or Main Rounds.

Recommend works using the format explained below to earn 5 points per rec. Each rec must include at least two sentences explaining why that fanwork is awesome.

  • Replace YOUR SHIP with the name of the team you belong to
  • Use this format (copy-and-paste this template into your comment):

(If the work you're remixing doesn't have a title, insert a very short description, e.g., "br[X] fill by [fill author] for [prompter]" or something similar.)

This Bonus Round will end on December 8.

Fill: Team Castiel/Lucifer

Date: 2013-12-07 10:06 pm (UTC)
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Rec 1: It Always Ends the Same
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Creator: marie_de_sade
Why I'm recommending it: It's really dark and disturbing without resorting to the "everything is Lucifer's fault" trope that I see in hospital fic. She also included the idea that Castiel would feel some guilt for helping shut the archangels in the Cage, which I think is very likely and not something a lot of people tend to think about. The back and forth of it is unsettling, as it's supposed to be, but even I want to fall for Castiel's illusions.

Rec 2: Poetry
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Creator: marie_de_sade
Why I'm recommending it: Honestly, it just made me laugh. This isn't a pairing that I'm interested in at all, but as I went through, I found myself reading along anyway and being pretty amused by how cute it was. Jimmy's mortification and Castiel's absolute deadpan were spot on, and I could hear their distinct voices in my head in a way that made it all very amusing and pleasant to read.

Rec 3: Birthdays
Team: Anna/Jo
Creator: thedahlingdarling
Why I'm recommending it: Again, I was really, really amused. The whole thing looks like a classy portrait of sorts, and the hat is added onto the character quite skillfully. He looks so thrilled to be there too, and it is such a nice hat.

Rec 4: Little Mermaid AU
Team: Anna/Jo
Creator: twinkie_pie
Why I'm recommending it: I really like picspams that seem to flow together and this really fits that. The colouring is muted and subtle with a bluish tint throughout that not only ties the images together but really works with the theme. I also really liked the last few images because they suggest a more traditional telling of the tale rather than the Disney version, since this was supposed to be inspired by the book. Furthermore, the three images of Meg really speak to the mermaid's transformation from mermaid to human to fairy.

Rec 5: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde AU
Team: Anna/Jo
Creator: thedahlingdarling
Why I'm recommending it: I like the concept simply because of how it plays on Michael and Lucifer's personas in canon. The image is also blended really well, and the quote is lovely and definitely gives me a Lucifer vibe that makes the whole thing a little chilling in exactly the way that it should be. I also like how Lucifer is supposed to be the "bad" one, but Michael's got a bit of a smirk going on that makes you wonder.

Rec 6: Frankenstein AU
Team: Abaddon/Naomi
Creator: foreordain
Why I'm recommending it: Again, images that flow and have been edited to seem like they belong together when they come from various sources. This is something that is really a lot harder to do than it seems, and once more, this individual pulled it off very well. It looks like caps from a movie, a subtle play of monochrome and mild desaturation pulling together images from a variety of sources to make them look cohesive.
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