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Bonus Round 5 is now closed, and Bonus Round 6 is now open!

This round, we're asking you for recommendations of works by your fellow SRSers produced in the Bonus Rounds or Main Rounds.

Recommend works using the format explained below to earn 5 points per rec. Each rec must include at least two sentences explaining why that fanwork is awesome.

  • Replace YOUR SHIP with the name of the team you belong to
  • Use this format (copy-and-paste this template into your comment):

(If the work you're remixing doesn't have a title, insert a very short description, e.g., "br[X] fill by [fill author] for [prompter]" or something similar.)

This Bonus Round will end on December 8.

FILL: Team Anna/Ruby

Date: 2013-12-01 06:10 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mllenightingale
I have to say, I'm growing somewhat fond of this prompt because it offers me a great opportunity to fangirl over other people's work without being too awkward about all that. [ I do apologize if my reasons for my recs are less coherent and more holy shit I love this so much. ]

Rec 1: crossdressing
Team: Team Benny/Dean
Creator: uke_sama
Why I'm recommending it: Oh gosh, so I honestly really really like uke_sama's art here—what with the characters' facial expressions that illustrate without a doubt in the viewer's mind how Dean and Gabriel are both reacting to this. The angles of the arms and specifically fucking hands, too, that actually look natural [ along with feet ] and contribute to that overall sense of motion, as well as the way the skirt flings up a bit like Dean's jumped up or away in surprise or some kind of melodramatic horror. There's something about the way his chest was drawn also that I love—everything just seems to flow together in a lovely way.

Rec 2: The Angry Young Man
Team: Team Crowley/Sam
Creator: Team Crowley/Sam
Why I'm recommending it: Does this have to be one line? [ Fuck it. ]
“You don’t you want to hear about the demon I have stationed in DC?”
Sam sighed. “Let me guess, Obama is a demon?”
“What? No, don’t be ridiculous, Moose. His head janitor is.”
“Obama’s head janitor is a demon?”
“Technically the White House’s head janitor is a demon. Obama just lives there.”
“Right. Because that distinction is so important.”
“It is, though. He’s been the head janitor there since the Nixon administration.”
“And I don’t suppose he had anything to do with how that administration ended?”
“Maybe, maybe not.”
“Why a janitor?”
“They get keys to every door and have the perfect cover for talking to quite literally anyone.”
“That’s almost smart.”
“I didn’t become the King of Hell on sex appeal alone.”

I've got the greatest weakness for witty banter in fic, and this was just a beautiful demonstration of that. The choice of scenes for the GIFset made for a great prelude to the written part, setting a kind of mood as basis for the rest of the entry. Crowley's characterization, far as I could tell, was absolutely wonderful as a whole, his word choice and demeanour being portrayed in a way that made it so easy to envision everything he did in my head. Also, the way Crowley's placed on opposite ends of the first and third GIF—his face being bookends of sorts for the black-and-white montage that comes between.

Rec 3: _fcksavedurl="">Demons
Team: Team Castiel/Lucifer
Why I'm recommending it: Can I scream? I want to fucking scream at those graphics because ugh the way everything is timed and synchronized so nicely is absolutely glorious and whoever did those graphics, you are beautiful. And the writing, too—that style makes me want to roll around in the words and revel in the way they meld together into gorgeous sentences. Castiel has no idea, not until he turns himself into a weapon of banishment and obliterates his grace in one grand showing of white light. and It’s no surprise who he calls upon waking, but predictability doesn’t curb the sharp bitterness and resentment that coils at the base of Lucifer’s spine. are probably my favourite excerpts from here; the diction is just... awesome.
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