Fill: Castiel/Lucifer

Date: 2013-12-08 05:21 am (UTC)
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
Rec 1: Painted Red
Why I'm recommending it: Okay, as a rule, I pretty much love everything Alex writes and I cry myself to sleep sometimes because of his beautiful writing like holy hell it isn't fair sometimes. Anyways, I particularly liked this one because I really enjoyed how Alex wrote the dynamic between Naomi and Abaddon. Oh, but his imagery is what gets me because they're really strong and beautifully written - The world seemed to halt, dragging in slow motion as the reeking, sticky blood drenched her, seeping into her perfect white dress, matting her hair, slicking her skin, and seeping into her mouth. - can we not because wow, shivers right here. So beautiful. Cries.

Rec 2: The Ring AU
Team: Abaddon/Naomi
Creator: sassynaomi
Why I'm recommending it: Scary! Scary scary scary! Just taking a peek at it sends shivers down my spine. I really like how Anna is really unclear and how she compliments the well~ Really reminds me of Sadako and her well. And the same goes for the looks of pure fear on Charlie and Jo! Wow, I just love this. Ugh.

Rec 3: Yellow Wallpaper
Team: Balthazar/Castiel
Why I'm recommending it: Progression. The yellow, how it's taking over the pictures and Anna's face in the last frame. This piece really hit me, I think, because of how different it was. Unclear, like the mind of a person descending into insanity. It was perfect. The ambiguous ending was really lovely, too - how Michael's comfort is no longer a need, how freedom is in sight... it was a lovely piece.

Rec 4: The Ring AU
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Creator: fatalchild
Why I'm recommending it: Tears in my eyes for this. It was really painful - Lucifer, all alone, waiting, and Castiel finally found him. I really liked this because of Balthazar's characterization (and then he dies, ugh Alex why), which, in my opinion, stayed pretty damn close to the original Balthazar, snark and all, but with his caring streak for Castiel. The story, itself, made me hang onto the words because I knew what was going to happen and I didn't want it to because Balthazar is now dead. :c but no srsly it was a wonderful piece and imagery. Drooling over this. Sigh.

Rec 5: Wrath aka Lucifer really hates pagans
Team: Castiel/Lucifer
Creator: fatalchild
Why I'm recommending it: As I mentioned in the prompt, I love character analysis and I love knowing what the character's feeling and their inner thoughts and whatnot, so this is an immediate "holy shit let me love you platonically." The contrast in his thoughts on who he is (angel vs exp. in hell) vs his control, plus his reaction to Gabriel (Lucifer stares quietly for a moment, a thousand childhood memories fitting into place at the familiar voice echoing beneath the vessel’s vocal cords. He looks up, finds Gabriel very much alive, and forgets how to move. A cold, stony pit replaces the burning knots in his stomach as he realizes that his little brother set him up. Lucifer forgets how to be angry, and his heart simply breaks.) makes me want to weep because it hits me right in the feels with every right blow. But basically, it actually manages to make me sad, so I really like it. *^*
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