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Bonus Round 4 is now closed, and Bonus Round 5 is now open!

This round, the theme is costumes/roleplaying.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to see, please leave the ship, a costume/role, and any other details as a PROMPT below. After you've posted, read through everyone else's prompts, and leave a FILL for any which catch your eye. Fills can be in any media, and they need not be long, but please put a little effort in--if anyone starts spamming this post for points, we'll be able to tell.

You should place PROMPT/FILL, your current team affiliation and a brief summary in the comment title. Do not forget to change the title of the comment when posting a FILL as a reply to a PROMPT. NSFW prompts and fills should mention this in the summary or at the top of the post. Reminder that team names must be in alphabetical order (ie. Balthazar/Death, not Death/Balthazar) and that portmanteaus (ie. Lubriel, Annaby) are not allowed when identifying team affiliation.

You will be awarded five points per prompt for the first five prompts you leave. The first three fills posted for each prompt will receive 15 points, the next three 10 points, and the next three 5 points. Prompts with ten or more fills will no longer receive fill points.

Bonus rounds are still rarepair only, but you can post prompts or fills for any rare ship this round, including gen/platonic ones (which should be indicated with an & as above). Due to some unforeseen complication from last round, we have changed the rules. It is now 15 points per fill for the first three fills by three different people. So if someone does a fic for Fill 1 and a fanmix for Fill 2, then get 15 + 10 points, and then Person 2 does a fill and Person 3 does a fill, so even though those would be fills 3 and 4, they count as 15 and 15 points since they're fills by new people. You are still not permitted to fill your own prompt. We also encourage people not to fill prompts from their teammates, although the points will not be deducted if you do.

Bonus round fills can include links provided they are publicly viewable. Works can also be cross-posted to other websites, as there is no anonymity requirement in bonus rounds. However, works posted directly to comments will be limited to 16,000 characters by the Dreamwidth comment limit. Longer works should therefore be divided between multiple comments.

Remember, Team Chuck can participate in bonus rounds, and if you change teams, points earned will transfer with you until the end of the team shuffle period.

This Bonus Round closes on December 1.
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Prompt, (Team Crowley/Sam), Leather

Date: 2013-11-19 05:36 pm (UTC)
mooseleys: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mooseleys
Anna likes comfort clothes. Jeans, t-shirts, jackets, nothing fancy. Ruby likes leather. Like, really likes it. She might play it down day to day, a leather jacket, leather gloves when it gets cold, leather boots, but truth be told, she can't get enough of the stuff. And as much as she likes wearing it, what she'd really like to see is her girlfriend Anna in leather pants. It takes some convincing, but once Ruby convinces her to go try some on at the mall, she can't get enough.

Fill: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Leather

Date: 2013-12-01 12:00 am (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild

“I thought you celestials were into the whole uniform thing,” Ruby says, lifting one dark eyebrow.

Anna’s lip curls, just slightly, a clear expression of lingering disdain. “Heaven’s little soldiers do,” she replies. “Do I look like one of them to you?”

“Not really.”

“Good.” Anna crosses her arms across her chest with an agitated little sigh. “I’m not an angel anymore anyway, sure not one of them.”

“So, what?” Ruby asks, tilting her head to the side. “Going for the whole Winchester vibe?”


“Y’know. Flannel.”

Anna scowls and sends Ruby a sharp, sideways glare. “Maybe. Heard that’s what gets you off.”

A smile spreads across the demon’s lips, bright red as her name. “Low blow,” she chastises, “but if you want to get me off, try this.” She shrugs the leather jacket off her shoulders and tosses it across. Anna catches it, regarding it with a tiny crinkle of her nose. The only reason she even puts the damn thing on is because she is, unfortunately, prone to the winter’s chill without her grace to keep her warm. It’s softer than she expects, supple and worn from frequent use with a surprisingly smooth lining that captures heat well and holds it against her flesh. It doesn’t creak or rustle when she moves, and it doesn’t restrict her like leather garments are rumored. In a very strange way, the jacket just fits, and Anna wears it for two solid weeks before Ruby brings the matter up again.

Anna’s got that same scowl twisting her pretty face, red hair falling in a curtain over her eyes as they walk.  “I don’t see what the big deal is,” she mutters, pulling the borrowed (or stolen, depending on which one you ask) coat around her frame. “You don’t get cold.”

“It’s about style, Princess,” Ruby replies, ushering her through the crowded aisles to the little leather shop in the corner of the mall. It’s a bit of a niche boutique, but everything here is high quality and suitable for the little angel Ruby has come to call her own. It’s classy stuff.

They wander through the various racks, Ruby holding up multiple coats in a variety of styles, but Anna’s reply is the same each time.  It’s nice, she might concede, but it would be better on Ruby. Since she’s the one that is so tied up in this whole thing, why doesn’t she just get a new coat and let Anna keep this one. Ruby rolls her eyes and doesn’t answer, but the obvious truth is just that this is more fun.  She eventually finds a coat, soft black with delicate lines, something that mimics the one Anna borrowed (stole) from Ruby but with slimmer sleeves and a small taper that will showcase her waist nicely.  Ruby practically pushes Anna into the dressing room, pulling her own coat from Anna’s shoulders as she goes and shoving the new one into her arms to try.

Predictably enough, she pouts when she emerges, but for the life of her, Ruby can’t imagine why. She blows her breath out with a puff of her cheeks and a melodramatic little eye roll, taking Anna’s shoulders and turning her around to face the mirror. Skilled fingers tug and smooth the coat into place so that it rests the way it’s intended to then brush the fiery strands of hair back so that Anna can see the curve of her neck and how the collar accentuates the dip between the  lines of her clavicle.

“You see, angel?” she purrs, lips brushing the shell of Anna’s ear. “You see how pretty you are all dressed up?”

Anna swallows a lump in her throat and gives a small nod, watching Ruby grin at her in the mirror. “Boots,” she whispers, after a few moments’ thought.


“I need matching boots.”

“With heels?”

“Definitely with heels."

Prompt, (Team Crowley/Sam), Cupid

Date: 2013-11-19 08:43 pm (UTC)
mooseleys: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mooseleys
Adam is frustrated because even though he keeps dropping hints that he'd like to take Samandriel with him to his school's annual Valentine's Day party, Samandriel seems completely uninterested. Adam decides to go stag, even though he'd rather be there with his favorite angel, but it turns out Samandriel is already there, looking miserable in a cupid outfit. (I'll leave it up to you why he's in the outfit, perhaps he lost a bet?)
mistress_snakey: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mistress_snakey
I want Michael dressed as a devil and Lucifer dressed as an angel (or the other way around). I don't care why they did it *bet with Gabriel, Halloween, etc.), Can be NSFW,
stabbyvamp: (Default)
From: [personal profile] stabbyvamp
Castiel is employed as a knight at a Renaissance Festival and Meg plays the princess. Cas breaks character a lot to woo her and after hours they're a disgustingly cute couple.
Edited Date: 2013-11-20 09:35 am (UTC)

Prompt: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Vessel Disguise

Date: 2013-11-21 12:40 am (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild
Nick has a lot of unfinished business when he consents to be Lucifer's vessel, but as a favor to him, Lucifer consents to handling it for him, pretending to be him. Inner dialogue between Nick and Lucifer regarding pretending to be a human would be a preferable focus. Could be gen or shippy, either is fine.

Prompt: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Halloween Dress Up

Date: 2013-11-21 12:42 am (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild
Lilith occasionally likes to indulge her childish side, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to play dress up. She goes as a little princess (or some other suitable costume) and forces Alastair or possibly Crowley to take her trick or treating.

Fill, Team Castiel/Lucifer, Repunzel!Lilith

Date: 2013-11-27 10:21 pm (UTC)
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
Originally, I was going to add blood splatters. I decided to save you the eye!rape.

Edited Date: 2013-11-27 10:22 pm (UTC)

FILL: Team Anna/Ruby, Halloween Dress-Up

Date: 2013-11-29 02:58 am (UTC)
mllenightingale: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mllenightingale [ slight warning for drawn blood/dead baby, nothing major ].

I'm not too sure what's going on with Al's face here to be honest, but with that outfit at least, he's meant to be a paediatrician. Thus the dead baby. And let me just pretend I forgot it's the wrong meatsuit for that job.

Prompt (team Castiel/Lucifer), therapy

Date: 2013-11-21 07:37 pm (UTC)
marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade
Two charatures are in a therapy session (could be couples, being undercover for a hunt ect) and the therapist asks them to role-play each other. Lots of catty remarks and sass "I'm __ and I think I'm better than everyone." kind of stuff.

your choice on whether it helps the two or just makes it worse.
From: [personal profile] magnan
I just want to see someone in 'custody' and the other two playing good cop & bad cop, and maybe even arguing over what cop gets to do what to the 'perp' and the appropriate uses of handcuffs. any pairing is wonderful! (but obviously, gabe/lucifer/sam would be preferred since, y'know, that's my team.)
marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade
Dean and Sam (or any hunter) have their usual outfits for hunts, FBI, priests, reporters, things like that. I'd like to see them as going undercover as something completely out of their usual scope. A pretend CEO, a babysitter, a hairdresser, something along those lines. Bonus points if it's something the hunter actually has no idea how to do and causes lots of silly mistakes.
marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade
Could be post-season 8 or a fallen angel from another time. Basically just an angel living the life his vessel had for lack of any idea what else he can do. Could be funny, the spouse being suspicious of the sudden change in behaviour, or angsty, they hate doing it but don't have a lot of options.

Prompt: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Empty Vessel

Date: 2013-11-26 08:46 pm (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild
Something sort of inverted from the other one. Prefer Meg & Lucifer, though Meg/Lucifer would also be acceptable... but not. Instead, we have Nick surviving post Lucifer taking Sam as his vessel in Swan Song. Meg finds Nick, and once Lucifer is returned to the Cage, she thinks this double might be a decent substitute.

Prompt: Team Castiel/Lucifer, First Halloween

Date: 2013-11-26 08:48 pm (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild
Lucifer revives Nick's wife and son, and Sarah unknowingly plans to dress the little one up as a devil for his first Halloween, complete with the red horns and tail. Nick doesn't think "Uncle Luce" is going to be pleased. (Prefer Lucifer having somehow attained a copy of Nick's body, but Sam!Lucifer is acceptable if necessary.)

Prompt: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Hallucinations

Date: 2013-11-26 08:51 pm (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild
Castiel knows the monster that lives in his head at the mental hospital isn't Lucifer, but sometimes it pretends to be. Sometimes it pretends to be Michael. And sometimes, Castiel doesn't mind.
marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade

It always starts the same.

It starts with tiny smile and soft words because at some point the monsters realize that pure pain and terror aren’t enough. Castiel can handle that because it’s what heaven trains it’s angels to do. Then there’s a sudden switch and he wakes up one day to the smiling face of one of his brothers. There is a split second of relief before it’s smile turns sinister and Castiel flinches back in revulsion.

It goes through every angel in heaven, Castiel has to watch each one of his brothers turn against him; the ones he fought with, the ones he barely knew, then ones he killed in his mad grasp for power. Each of those lost soul begin promise of forgiveness but it isn’t long till they’re clawing at his skin and tearing him to shreds. It was the worst thing he could imagine.

Then one night the nurse leads him back to his room and Lucifer is sitting on the edge of his bed.
He hadn’t seen the devil since he first took on Sam’s burden, the delusions had quickly reformed itself as it tried to find the best way to torture him. But it came full circle and Lucifer spends the night trying to lure him out of his numb stupor.

His fingers card through Castiel’s hair, across his jaw then down his chest and for a split second Castiel closes his eyes and gives in. A split second is all he gets though because as soon as his moment is over its replaced by searing pain. His eyes pop open and he watches his skin bubble and blister beneath the archangel’s touch. A scream rips out of his chest and he flails so much he falls off the bed by the time that the staff runs in to sedate him all he has is claw marks on his stomach left by his own hands and distant laughter ringing through his mind.

Next time he ignores him, he doesn’t bat an eyelash when Lucifer starts laughing at him. “You think there is a single angel left that would waste his time on you?”

He resists it all at first because he knows they only build him up to knock him down but each time the build last longer and longer. Even though he knows that in the end it always the same, it's hard to resist.

It's hard trying to tune Lucifer out as he tells him that everything will be okay now. It’s hard pretending he can't feel his brother’s fingers brush across his jaw and his hot breath on his ear.

And one day he's just too tired to pretend he doesn't care.

One day he laughs at Lucifer's snarky comment about the nurse’s ugly, dirt covered shoes. It is really barely a chuckle, barely even a tiny breath and everyone else completely misses it but Lucifer turns his head and gives him a tiny sideways grin. It reminds Castiel of a time before all the fighting, before angels killed other angel, back when Castiel still had good in him. It’s really all downhill from there but at least he has his moments then, at least there are brief seconds in the blur of days where he doesn’t sob into his pillow and beg an absent father to just end it all.

Castiel moves the monopoly pieces for Lucifer when they play board games in the day room. By the middle of the night Castiel is soaked in imaginary blood and his throat is raw from the screaming no one comes to answer.

Castiel softly smiles as he picks at the gruel they give him for lunch when Lucifer picks on the new doctor that thinks he’s hiding his affair with an orderly very secret. When they turn the lights off later, Lucifer turns his sharp tongue on him and reminds Castiel that words can destroy much more than the pain he’s used to.

It becomes a blur again, the days that pass with almost pleasant days and terrifying nights. Castiel lets himself enjoy the brief reprieves he gets even though he know it just makes the sudden dark turn his hallucinations use even worse.

Then one night be wakes up in a cold sweat and there’s a new face smiling down at him from the foot of his bead. He straightens himself out of habit but he can’t help a relief that someone’s come to save him from this awful place.

“Michael,” Castiel sighs but his mind sneers at him idiot, it’s not him. It can’t be him because you helped put him in the pit right along with Lucifer.

“Hello, little brother.”

Castiel quickly shakes his head and inches back up the bed, distancing himself from the archangel. As if torturing him with one brother wasn’t enough. “Please don’t.”

“It’s different this time,” Michael promises him as he tries to pull Castiel out of his bed. “Show me the garden.”

They sneak out past the night nurse and out the back door to what passes for a community garden, some withering flowers and untrimmed bushes. Castiel’s feverish mind goes back and forth between convincing himself that this might be actually happening and secretly knowing it’s all another trick.

“I planted those,” Castiel quietly mentions and points to the marigolds that thrive amongst the other flowers.

Michael lets out a tiny chuckle. “I suppose you don’t ruin everything then.”

Castiel flinches and tries to pull his short sleeves down to cover his cold arms. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

“Don’t worry,” Michael turns to him, the same sly smile that all the others have. Panic rises in Castiel’s chest, it happened to fast this time, he didn’t get a happy moment. The monsters just went straight for him. “I suppose I deserve it, I put him down there in the first place. I just never thought little Thursday would be hard enough to follow in my footsteps.”

He’s stepping closer, Castiel is frozen under his twisted stare and then he feels a warm hand on his chest. He leans into the contact, forgetting how dangerous it is to give into these delusions but desperately wanting it. Then the slight warmth turns into sharp pain as his brother’s hand shoots through his chest. The staff find him in the garden the next morning curled in a ball, wrecked sobs shaking his body and they begin locking his door at night.

He only last a week of that, switching between his older brothers and wanting nothing but to be rid of it all but terrified to be left alone. He’s become dependent on what scares him most.

“Please,” Castiel begs, choking back tears. Lucifer sits on the edge of his bed and gives him a sympathetic look, one that is almost convincing enough. Castiel pushes the covers off his body and crawls pathetically over to his not-brother. He clings to the devil’s chest, fingers curled against his soft skin and inhaling his sweet smell. Castiel only needs one night, he only needs Lucifer to get him through this one night. “Just this once, just this once.”

“Just this once,” he nods, pulling Castiel tight against his chest and running a soothing hand up and down the angel’s back. Castiel sighs and buries his head in the crook of Lucifer’s neck. This is exactly what he wants, what he needs, if he can just have this one time he can survive everything that comes after.

But it always ends the same.

marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade
One of Michael's vessels (your choice) acting as Lucifer's sub in for his brother. It can go where ever your muses take you.

It can be dark, but please don't make it creepy (if that makes sense?)

Fill: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Surrogate

Date: 2013-11-30 07:12 pm (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild

(I hope this was not creepy...?)

It only takes a second for Adam to realize he’s going to die. He’s not upset, not about that. He was in Heaven to begin with, before the archangel pulled him down with a mission for him, and he assumes he’s just going to return to where he has been. Strangely enough, he feels a weird pull of sympathy for both of the angelic brothers. He didn’t think either of them would go through with it, but here they are. Lucifer’s face is twisted into a snarl, even as the tears fall, and he’s screaming something about the lack of the true vessels proving that He is no longer paying any attention. Michael is consumed with rage at the blasphemy, and he’s far less concerned with dying than he is with getting one more hit on Lucifer to finish him off.  Adam knows that it’s not going to happen. He whispers a tiny apology to the being sharing his body, and then everything goes black.

Being resurrected a second time is even stranger than the first. It’s more comfortable, if any experience can be called that. Adam’s body is intact, no longer bloody and broken from ghouls or combat or anything horrible that might have happened in his short life. He’s laid out across a soft bed, everything silk and embroidery. He struggles for a moment before he’s able to turn his head, and his stomach does a flip when he meets Lucifer’s eyes. He’s not healed at all. The burns of his grace have spread in his exertion, blurring into painful bruises around the edges. He has a series of wounds from Michael’s sword, deep cuts that still flicker white and ooze red. A vast array of contusions and a smearing of dirt and blood, Lucifer’s entire body is a canvas of discoloration. Yet he’s smiling. It’s almost soft, not so much pulling at his lips as it lights up his watery blue eyes.

“Hello, Michael,” he whispers.

Adam thinks a sane person would be afraid, but he must not be feeling any more sane than Lucifer looks because his heart breaks for the archangel. He’d tried to talk Michael out of it, pleaded with him, avoided landing a single blow until his own life was in danger, and then-- then Lucifer just lost it. Still, this isn’t right.

“I’m not--”

“Shh, shh. I know.” A cool finger brushes Adam’s lips. “But it doesn’t matter now, does it? You understand now? He doesn’t love you like I love you. He doesn’t care anymore, Michael. We don’t need him anymore. We have each other.”

Adam rubs his lips together to get rid of the tingling sensation. “You’re going to destroy the entire world.”

“What? No. No, I don’t want that. I never wanted that. I did what I had to do to get to you. Don’t you remember, Michael? I didn’t want to destroy it; I wanted to live in it.”

“What about humans?”

“I don’t care. I don’t care anymore. I just want you.”

Adam feels like a sacrifice being placed on the altar. He spent enough time with his mind tangled up with Michael that he can mimic his speech and manners if he tries hard enough, but his humanity is going to be a problem if Lucifer sincerely believes him an archangel. Perhaps more important than that is how wrong it would be to trick him. It might be more wrong to abandon him-- this celestial, infernal, ancient being staring at him with the most heartbreakingly imploring eyes.

“Do you know who I am, Lucifer?”

He answers with a solemn nod.

“Are you sure?”

Lucifer closes his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks. “Yes.”

“Very well. I will stay with you.”

Lucifer breathes a sigh of relief and crawls onto the bed with exhaustion trembling limbs. “Thank you. Michael, thank you.” Lucifer’s body is far larger than Adam’s, both taller and broader, but he somehow manages to curl himself up against the young man’s side, laying an arm across his waist and wrapping cold fingers around his wrist. “I missed you so much.”

Adam doesn’t know what to say. It feels like the right thing to do, if he can save the world by playing along, and yet this grief feels grossly private, something not meant for him. But Lucifer rambles on.

“I was so… so afraid, Michael. When I was falling. And then it hurt. It hurt in ways you can’t even imagine, brother. I thought I was dying. Some days, I wanted to die, just so it would be over. But it was worse. It was worse than dying. I called for you. Michael, I called for you until I had no voice to scream with. You never came. You never came back for me, and--” Lucifer’s voice breaks.

“I’m sorry,” Adam says simply, and Lucifer nods.

“I was so alone. I just kept waiting and waiting and screaming. Do you know how time down there moves, Michael? It just drags on and on and on. What was one year for you was millenia for me, and it hurt so much. ...It hurts now. It still hurts. I think it always will. Everything inside of me is burnt and twisted and scarred. I’m not beautiful anymore, Michael.”

What was fear blossoms easily into sympathy. A tiny voice in the back of Adam’s mind asks what Lucifer might have done to deserve that kind of torture. He’d never believed in the Devil, not until he was ripped out of Heaven to stand against him, and with each passing moment, he sees less and less monstrosity here. He never had siblings of his own, not for more than a handful of hours, but he can understand what it is like to have them forget all about you and leave you behind. His own resentment makes Lucifer’s capacity for forgiveness suddenly very stark in comparison, and when Adam reaches his hand up to smooth down his messy blond hair, it’s a gesture born from complete sincerity.

“You’re very beautiful, Lucifer,” he whispers, and he means it.

Lucifer sniffles, almost like a child, and presses his body closer. Archangel or no, the battle ravaged him, and his body is a mess of knotted muscles and twitching nerves beneath the layers of exterior damage.

“Can you not heal yourself?” Adam asks softly.

Lucifer shakes his head. “I’m too weak,” he confesses shamefully.

“Perhaps you should rest.”

“...Are you going to leave me?”


“Are you going to kill me?”

Adam shuts his eyes. “No, Lucifer. I’m not ever going to hurt you again. Close your eyes and try to sleep.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Just relax. It will come.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Why not?”

“It hurts too much.”

Adam finds his lips pressed against Lucifer’s forehead, and it almost feels like the most natural thing in the world.  “Tell me what hurts.”

“Everything, Michael. Everything hurts.”

“Then tell me what hurts worst of all.”

Lucifer hesitates, extending one finger and tracing it along the inside of Adam’s arm, following the pale line of his veins. “My wings,” he says softly.

Adam glances down at him, noting the guilt and the shame in that confession. He nods and chews his bottom lip for a moment, feeling like he’s being tested in this new role already.

“Could you let me see them?”

“...They’re ugly.”

“I’m sure they’re not.”

“Yes they are.”


Somehow, Adam manages to pull off the disapproving older brother tone, and Lucifer responds by frowning up at him for a moment before he pulls out of the embrace. He pulls the bloodstained shirt off over his head and casts it aside before unfolding his immense black wings. Adam certainly wouldn’t call them ugly, but he can see why they hurt. What looks as if they were once silvery white feathers have been charred black and bent in various directions. Many are missing, leaving patches of burnt, scarred over skin in their absence. The sticky coating of blood is in several layers, ranging from the old and dried brown to a fresh, vibrant red that trickles between his shoulders. Lucifer keeps his eyes down, wings fluttering lightly as he folds them down against his back in shame.

“You’re very beautiful.”

Lucifer scowls. “You’re making fun of me.”

“I’m not. I promise I’m not. I’m sorry I ever did that to you, and I’m impressed that you’ve endured it.”

Pressing his lips together to still a hint of a tremor, Lucifer finally looks up to meet Adam’s eyes.

“Lie down,” Adam tells him, and after he sighs and tacks on a gentle “Please”, Lucifer does. Adam sits on his knees, inspecting the lines of Lucifer’s back for several moments before he’ll dare to touch. The way the muscles shudder and the feathers ruffle slightly under his hands worries him for a moment before he sees how relaxed Lucifer’s expression becomes. Then Adam feels powerful. He takes the old shirt, using it to wipe his hands free of blood and ash as he works the debris of Hell from Lucifer’s wings and smooths his feathers affectionately. Lucifer’s muscles jump occasionally, but Adam can tell that’s from pain rather than doubt. Lucifer is very calm, his soft, slow breathing an indication of encroaching sleep, and Adam realizes with sudden clarity that Lucifer trusts him, maybe even more than he would trust the real Michael.

He continues in his work as the day wears on, wiping away filth and massaging out pain. Lucifer sleeps on, lips parted in gentle breaths. He looks more like a lonely little brother than any sort of monster that would ravage the world. With a lingering flare of resentment, Adam can’t help but think Michael was a bit of a fool to have refused the offer of peace, to have rejected this beautiful brother when he had one more chance to embrace him. That’s alright though. The conflict has ended. Michael is at peace, and in Adam, there now exists a surrogate brother to care for Lucifer in his stead.

marie_de_sade: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marie_de_sade
Not sure if this counts as 'role-playing'?

Castiel working as a double agent between Hell and Heaven. Preference for his real alliance to be for Lucifer but you can do it however you want.

Prompt, Team Castiel/Lucifer, Theatre costumes

Date: 2013-11-27 03:19 am (UTC)
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
Alright, so me? I've got production. I'm stage crew. So me, I get to help people dress in their costumes, which is actually really fun.
So I want to see an spn character dressing another in a costume. It can be any kind of costume (though if you do something based on a musical like Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera, I will be entirely too satisfied).
Crossdressing is okay if it's a male in a female role, but preferably not the other way around unless it's a trouser role in an opera. :c

ugh but a younger!Kevin as Gavroche
andthen him getting shot on stage

but really, it's open to whatever you want. ;w;b

Prompt, Team Castiel/Lucifer, tailoring

Date: 2013-11-27 04:04 am (UTC)
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
alright, so one spn character is a tailor (pfft) and the other is their current model for whatever commission they've gotten. *^*
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
It's a festival of some sort, so some spn characters are dressed in the traditional clothing for a festival~ maybe a yukata at a bon-odori festival or a changsan for some Chinese festival~ ;w;

FILL: Team Anna/Ruby, Traditional Clothing

Date: 2013-11-30 11:30 pm (UTC)
mllenightingale: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mllenightingale
Abaddon and Bela. In qipao. I have no idea what the context of this but I just really wanted to draw Bela and Abaddon's my default character for anything. So this happened.

[ It's B&W atm, but I might update the post with a coloured version if I figure out what to colour it with. ]

prompt, Team Castiel/Lucifer, armour

Date: 2013-11-27 04:48 am (UTC)
pandalianxx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pandalianxx
hmm, I'm thinking something like Merlin, where Merlin always has to dress Arthur in his armour. That would be lovely - just someone moving metal plates on another person. *^*

Fill: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Amor

Date: 2013-11-30 10:59 pm (UTC)
fatalchild: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fatalchild

“They’re ravaging the planet,” Michael says.

Lucifer replies, “I know.”

A layer of red cloth falls into place. It swishes around the lines of a newly formed torso, rustling against the heavy padding already in place. Michael’s form is strange under Lucifer’s touch, solid and earthly and unfamiliar. He feels very far away from this entire experience, yet this corporeal archangel seems to have something like a gravitational pull.

“This is a body,” Michael tells him.

And again, Lucifer replies, “I know.”

“It will act as a buffer between the monsters and my grace.”

“Uh huh.” He drops down slowly, fastening the grieves over Michael’s legs, fitting them snugly into place with a strap behind his calves.. They don’t talk for a while; then it’s: “Where is Father?”


“Oh.”  Lucifer lifts Michael’s foot to situate it into the armored shoe.

“He has charged me with this task, Lucifer.”

The other foot now, Lucifer nods and looks up imploringly. He stares for a moment, grace rustling around his core with disquiet, and then rises again. “I want to come.”

Michael holds his arms out. “No.”

The first layer is very thin, a buffer between his arms and the gauntlets that come down over his hands. Lucifer takes each of Michael’s arms and moves them at the joint, making sure he has the ability to bend. “I can help.”

“You’re needed here. You need to look after the others.”  Michael looks down, watches Lucifer slide on the belt. “I’ll come back,” he says quickly.

Once more, Lucifer says, “I know.”  But this time it isn’t true. It’s less doubt than it is pure and simple fear. He lifts the heavy breastplate, shining white silver, a metal that has never formed on Earth and never will. It clangs a little bit, rings out a hollow sound as Lucifer fastens it into place across Michael’s chest. It covers where the heart would be on most animals that are on the planet below, where the glowing core of Michael’s grace lies. Lucifer adjusts it several times over until it’s fitted perfectly into place.The pauldrons come last, sliding into place carefully so as not to impede the movement of Michael’s arms. When Lucifer has finished, Michael’s borrowed, earthly form shines with a pale brilliance reminiscent of his grace. Lucifer moves back and looks him over quietly.

“You’re sulking,” Michael whispers, barely meeting his eyes, and Lucifer shakes his head.

“I’m not.”

“You have a peculiar look.”

“He says from his fleshy body encased in metal.”

“Is it so offensive?”

Lucifer smiles then. “No. You’re very beautiful.”

“Even like this?”


Lucifer holds the shining helm out, lifting it over Michael’s head yet hesitating to put it in place. His grace shudders, and he forces his own manifestation into a similar form just enough to lean forward and place a soft kiss against Michael’s downturned lips. The helmet hides his expression before Lucifer can see it, stifles whatever reprimand was surely forming in his throat. Michael lifts his chin, gathering courage up with incidental pride, and looks at Lucifer through the window-like visor.

“Are you sure I can’t come?”

“I won’t have them touch you, Lucifer.”

He flares his wings in petulant agitation. “Yet you go. I would not have them touch you either, but--”

“They can try,” Michael says hotly.

“I’m sure they will.”

“Keep faith, Morning Star.”

Lucifer’s grace reaches out towards that of his older brother in a final caress before he marches off to war. He would follow if he could, but as Michael said, God has given his orders on the matter. Besides, Lucifer has no body to hold his grace, no armor to shield his body, no loyal little sibling to strap it into place. He just has the mental image of Michael’s shining form and the hope that when he returns, only the armor will be tarnished with that vile, dripping black that those creatures just exude and that the heavy layers he fitted so carefully into place will be enough to guard the precious light of the archangel that dwells within.

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Person A of the relationship is typically 'the husband' of the relationship. They read the newspaper, does the hard work(lifting heavy things, working on the car, fixing the sink, etc.). Person B likes to cook and clean and do the shopping, like a 'housewife/househusband'.

But sometimes person A likes to dress up in nice clothes and put on frilly aprons, and play a good housewife/househusband for their partner, B(who very much enjoys every second of it).

(Any pairing goes, could be NSFW.)
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