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"Ya done yet, sug?" Benny asks with the tail end of a tease on the tip of his tongue. But he can't help but crack a smile at Meg. She's sprawled in the booth across from him smirking her way through her best copycat Cajun accent.

"N'aw babydoll, I ain't ev'a gon be done with ya," she takes a swig of her beer to cover up her laughter but she almost ends up choking on a giggle.

It's their third date and Benny's learned that if you get more than a half pint in Meg on an empty stomach she'll nitpick at the twang of his speech. She doesn't mean any harm and if he didn't enjoy her ramblings he wouldn't have texted her 'good morning' and 'good night' everyday for the past two weeks until they'd had time to meet up again.

He has to fight the urge to cover his face with his hands and dissolve into a laughin' mess when the food arrives. Meg takes one bite of french fry and looks the waitress dead in the eye before sincerely saying, "this 's some damn fine home cookin' ya hear?" And Benny misses the confused 'ah I - I'll let the cook know' the blonde replies with.

"Keep that up n' I might not let ya go, Meg. They do say imitation is the most sincere form 'a flattery." Benny winks at her before taking his fork and knife in hand to cut up his steak.

"Who ever said I wanted to leave?" She's dropped the accent and picked up a demureness that Benny hasn't seen from her so far.

"In that case...'s a good think I'm plannin' on seein' you again, Miss Masters." Dinner is finished in a comfortable silence aside from the sneaking glances and quick smiles. They both start thinking they've found quite a catch in one another.

((eek I hope this is somewhere around what you were hoping for :3))
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