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/I saw this prompt and nearly melted. Hell yes, this is to cute :3/

Sam and Cas loved each other. That much was obvious. But Dean and Cas had discussed this. Cas usually went to Dean when he needed relationship advice, seeing as Dean knew Sam best.
“Just…be careful, Cas.” Dean had said. Cas cocked his head in confusion. “You…uh…just steer clear of “the L word”, okay?”
“You mean…love.”
“But, I do love him, Dean.”
“Yeah, I know, Cas, but…it’s kind of a thing with him…” Cas still didn’t understand. “Just, the dude’s sensitive to those kinds of things, alright? We both are…it’s just…the life, you know?”
Dean wasn’t exactly expert in expressing his feelings, but when Cas saw the look in Dean’s eye when he said those words it suddenly clicked.
“Yes, Dean, I understand.”
But Cas, unlike Dean wasn’t really good with subtlety. He loved Sam and he wanted to make that clear, but he also didn’t want to drive Sam away. Lying next to the hunter at night, he agonized over this for hours. Sometimes he even said it out loud, softly, while the hunter slept, hoping that just maybe Sam’s subconscious would pick up on it.
But this was it. He’d decided. He was finally going to say it.
“H-hey…Sam…” Cas said, approaching the hunter cautiously while he was reading in the study one day.
“Yeah, Cas?” Sam furrowed his brow. The angel wasn’t acting quite like himself. “You okay?”
Cas didn’t answer. He simply sat himself directly across from Sam, looked him dead in the eye and said it, his confession. Albeit, not in English.
And there was that characteristic lack of subtlety that Sam secretly adored.
Sam was slightly taken aback by the unexpected phrase of enochian. And if it weren’t for the look in Cas’ eye, he wouldn’t have understood. But he was suddenly filled with the warmth of adoration he was certain he knew what Cas was saying.
And what Cas did next confirmed his suspicion. The ex-angel stood and placed a loving kiss on the blushing hunter’s forehead.
A wide grin split Sam’s face as he watched Cas leave the room. But he stopped him before he could get to the door.
“Cas.” The angel turned back around to face him. “I love you too.”
And that was that.
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