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Bonus Round 3

Bonus Round 2 is now closed, and Bonus Round 3 is now open!

This round, the theme is sins/virtues.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to see, please leave the ship, a sin/virtue, and any other details as a PROMPT below. After you've posted, read through everyone else's prompts, and leave a FILL for any which catch your eye. Fills can be in any media, and they need not be long, but please put a little effort in--if anyone starts spamming this post for points, we'll be able to tell.

You should place PROMPT/FILL, your current team affiliation and a brief summary in the comment title. Do not forget to change the title of the comment when posting a FILL as a reply to a PROMPT. NSFW prompts and fills should mention this in the summary or at the top of the post. Reminder that team names must be in alphabetical order (ie. Balthazar/Death, not Death/Balthazar) and that portmanteaus (ie. Lubriel, Annaby) are not allowed when identifying team affiliation.

You will be awarded five points per prompt for the first five prompts you leave. The first three fills posted for each prompt will receive 15 points, the next three 10 points, and the next three 5 points. Prompts with ten or more fills will no longer receive fill points.

Bonus rounds are still rarepair only, but you can post prompts or fills for any rare ship this round, including gen/platonic ones (which should be indicated with an & as above). Due to some unforeseen complication from last round, we have changed the rules. It is now 15 points per fill for the first three fills by three different people. So if someone does a fic for Fill 1 and a fanmix for Fill 2, then get 15 + 10 points, and then Person 2 does a fill and Person 3 does a fill, so even though those would be fills 3 and 4, they count as 15 and 15 points since they're fills by new people. You are still not permitted to fill your own prompt. We also encourage people not to fill prompts from their teammates, although the points will not be deducted if you do.

Bonus round fills can include links provided they are publicly viewable. Works can also be cross-posted to other websites, as there is no anonymity requirement in bonus rounds. However, works posted directly to comments will be limited to 16,000 characters by the Dreamwidth comment limit. Longer works should therefore be divided between multiple comments.

Remember, Team Chuck can participate in bonus rounds, and if you change teams, points earned will transfer with you until the end of the team shuffle period.

This round is now closed.
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Corrupted

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-21 01:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Castiel is the perfect embodiment of chastity and Crowley is the exact opposite. Crowley lusts after Castiel's purity and yearns to corrupt him, he yearns to make Castiel like him and lust for him. NSFW. Any AU.
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Fill, (Team Crowley/Sam), Corrupted

[personal profile] mooseleys 2013-10-23 05:02 pm (UTC)(link)
((NSFW language))

"Well aren't you just the prettiest little thing?"

Castiel looked up to see a short, but attractive man sit down at his table. He inwardly groaned--he'd only agreed to do this stupid speed dating thing because Dean kept insisting he'd be happier if he "got laid for once." Castiel sincerely doubted a quick fuck would have any positive effect on his happiness, but here he was.

"I'm not pretty, and if either one of us could be called 'little,' it'd be you."

The guy laughed. "Oh, I like you. Fair enough, fair enough. Name's Crowley. And who do I have the pleasure of meeting?"

"Castiel. Biblical name."

Crowley grinned. "I'm familiar with it. You're named for an angel, right? How appropriate."

"Are you going to ask if it hurt when I fell from Heaven?"

"Not if you're not going to ask if it hurt when I crawled from Hell."

Castiel quirked an eyebrow. The guy might be a smarmy bastard, but at least he was a clever smarmy bastard. "So, Mr. Crowley, what is it that you do?"

"I'm in sales. Boring, really."

"You seem the type."


"Salesman. I feel like you're selling me something."

"Oh I am." Crowley chuckled. "I guess you could say I'm selling you myself. That's what this speed dating is all about, is it not?"

"I suppose. But I'm still not sold on you."

"Well according to the clock I've still got a minute and half left to convince you."

"I'm listening."

"You're too clever to win over with just words. So, what if, after this is over, you give me a call. I take you back to my place, or I come over to your place, show you the time of your life, and after that, you decide if you want to continue our relationship on a more personal level or keep it strictly business."

"Convenient how that gets you laid, either way."

"Gets you laid, too. And let's face it, isn't that half the reason why we're both here? It's a win-win."

"You close a lot of deals, don't you?"

"There's a reason I'm making twice my boss's salary."

"And you just managed to tell me you have money. I'm impressed."

"It's what I do, darling."

"Okay, you have a deal."

Crowley smiled, and the sight of it stirred something in Castiel's gut. Even if this turned out just to be a quick fuck, he suddenly didn't mind the thought. A bell chimed, letting the participants know it was time to move on to the next speed date. Crowley handed Castiel a business card as he stood up to leave. "My number's on the back, angel."

Castiel nodded and pocketed the card. Afterwards, Dean asked him if he met anyone interesting.

"Oh, just this salesman. Real smarmy business-type."

"That sucks. Well if you don't like him, fuck him."

Castiel smiled. "I think I might."

Dean did a double take. "Wait, what?"

"I think I'm going to fuck him."

"Seriously? Wow, uh yeah, if he's hot, I mean, go for it. He just doesn't sound like your type, though, what would your family say, aren't they like super religious?"

"Yeah," Castiel said, giggling to himself, "That's kind of the best part."

"If you say so."

"I do."
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Prompt, Team Dean/Michael, Wrath

[personal profile] mistress_snakey 2013-10-21 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Abaddon/Demon!Dean. Abaddon decides that Dean isn't just a perfect vessel, he is the perfect soldier and that's something she can appreciate. After Dean becomes a demon under her knife, his sin is obviously wrath and that's another thing she can fully appreciate too as the burn the world to the ground, the Queen and her Knight.
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Patience

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-21 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
'Patience is a virtue.' I'd like to see any of the bad guys [Crowley or Lucifer maybe] learning about patience over something small, say a delayed dinner or something, from either of the angels [Castiel, Gabriel, Anna, Ezekiel maybe?]
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FILL, Team Castiel/Crowley, Patience

[personal profile] caramelkaren 2013-10-22 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
(Making this one Crowstiel because, well, *points to team name* I write for this ship the best because I love this ship the best. And fluff. This is definitely their version of fluff.)

Crowley was drumming his fingers on the table in impatience. Why the hell had he allowed the angel (ex-angel he had to continue to remind himself) to cook him dinner? He didn’t even need to eat! It wasn’t like this was at all for his benefit. But Castiel had looked at him with those deep blue eyes, pleading him to let him cook for him. “Crowley, please, I hear this is considered romantic for humans to do. I want to try using something other than words to say that I love you.”

Damn human. Why did he always without fail give in to what he wanted?

“Cas, what is taking you so long?”

“Crowley, the recipe says it takes fifteen minutes prep time and an entire hour to bake. And that’s just the chicken. Not to mention, I’m only three minutes into making our dinner. Are you sure you want to sit at the table the whole time while you wait?”

Crowley groaned inwardly and wondered how in the world he was going to survive this. He couldn’t just take back the idea and decide he had something better to do, it might just shatter Castiel newly found feelings (not that he didn’t have feelings as an angel, they just seemed to be multiplied as a human, making them like new). “You know, I could just poof us up this meal.”

“No, there wouldn’t be any fun in that. Plus, this is helping me learn. I am getting better than my first foray into cooking. . .” That was a disaster apparently. Crowley didn’t see what was going on, he was still trapped in the dungeon at that point, but he could hear some sort of fire alarm going off. “. . . but I still need to work on my skills.”

“This is testing the patience I don’t have.”


“Good? Oh, you little tease! You want me to suffer?”

“No, not suffer. Learn.”

“Excuse me?”

Castiel turned around from the counter to face Crowley. “Learn,” he repeated. “You need to learn patience.”

“I’m a demon, it’s been hardwired into me to not have patience.”

“How much of Sam’s blood is still coursing through you? As long as it’s there, I think you have the capacity to change.”

“Nope, not gonna happen, Sparkles.”

“We’ll see,” Castiel said, smirking.

Castiel turned around to start coating the chicken with the crumb mixture he made (using Corn Flakes of all things – but it was in a cookbook of a television chef so it must be good). Crowley glared at Castiel thinking “I hate you” but not truly meaning it. No, no, he loved Castiel. He shouldn’t love him, not when the ex-angel infuriated him so much, but he did. And he had the sinking feeling that he always would love him. The bastard.

After another seemingly endless three minutes, Crowley realized that no, he couldn’t just sit around doing nothing at this table while the food prepared. He had to get up and do something. He began to wander around the bunker until he found the library, perusing through all the volumes and tomes that the Men of Letters had collected over the years. Okay, so he was a pretty good expert on all things creepy and crawly considering he spent so much time torturing and dissecting every single kind of monster he could get his hands on when searching for Purgatory, which also involved training other demons on how the hell to even find them (he realized, with the information he knew, he could probably be a hunter just as well, quite ironic considering he was one thing hunters, well, hunted). But reading information he already knew was better than lying around staring at the minute hand of the clock, willing it to move to each digit faster and faster. If he was ever going to be patient, he would have to distract his thoughts.

It was curled up with a copy of a book on vampires that Castiel found him. “Oh look, you haven’t killed yourself in agony yet.”

“I’m taking that you being out of the kitchen means the food is finished preparing?”

“Yes, it is. And you survived. See, you can learn a little patience.”

Fuck, the angel was corrupting him.

Crowley had to admit though, the food Castiel prepared was actually amazing. Especially considering it came straight out of a cookbook Rachel Ray made for children. In fact, it was so good, Crowley lost momentary control of his brain and said “You should cook for me more often, ducky.”

And with that he had sealed his fate.

It became a bi-weekly thing. Castiel would make dinner for him, and Crowley would have to patiently wait for it. The scary part? It was getting easier and easier for him to wait.

He was a demon! The King of Hell! It was already quite uncertain just how much of a hold on his empire he still had and how many demons had been swayed over to Abaddon’s side. If word got out that Crowley was displaying a virtue, he’d probably lose his crown.

Fuck you, Castiel. Fuck you.

But at the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was all on purpose. He could’ve told Castiel to stop. That this whole cooking for someone who doesn’t even need to eat thing was ridiculous. But no. He let himself every other week wait for it. Almost as if he wanted to be a better person for Castiel.

It further reminded him that one day, he probably would have to make a choice: continue ruling Hell, or give it all up for a life with Cas. Something deep down told him that it would be impossible to do both. Crowley just didn’t believe that the demons would approve of a ruler who was so in love with an angel, no matter how fallen said angel was. He’d have to choose.

And that choice was slowly becoming obvious.
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Loyalty

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-21 02:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Anna/Jo. Any AU, just show how loyal Jo is towards Anna and the reason why she became so loyal. It could be because Anna saved her life once before and after that Jo wanted to repay her by staying by her side forever.
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Chivalry

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-21 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Knights were taught to be gallant, courages and loyal. They had to believe in the Church's teachings and defend the Church. Crowley doesn't believe in the Church at all, in fact he hates it. But when the pretty blue eyed alter boy (Castiel) catches his attention during one of the services that he was dragged to with his fellow comrades, Crowley begins his chivalrous wooing i.e. letting Castiel cross over his coat on puddles and what not. Something sweet and fluffy!
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Crowley, Crowley/Lilith, author's choice of sin(s)

[personal profile] elendraug 2013-10-21 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Tell me how Crowley came to be Lilith's right hand man, and what she said or did while he was in hell to further corrupt him.

Bonus love for Fergus MacLeod backstory, because that's my favorite.
Edited 2013-10-21 14:20 (UTC)
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Prompt, Team Balthazar/Crowley, Joshua + God (or Chuck), diligence

[personal profile] elendraug 2013-10-21 02:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Joshua spends an awful lot of time alone, and so does God/Chuck. Please show us how Joshua passes the time, keeps himself on task, and looks forward to communication with his Father.

The nature of their relationship is totally up to you. Extra love for describing all the plants in the garden. ♥
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Prompt, Team Dean/Michael, Lust

[personal profile] mistress_snakey 2013-10-21 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Lilith/Lucifer. The first time Lucifer corrupted Lilith or maybe Lilith had a lot to do with that first sin between the two of them. NSFW is fine.
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Fill: Team Castiel/Lucifer, Lust (NSFW)

[personal profile] fatalchild 2013-11-02 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)

He hates her the moment he sees her, and she knows it. His eyes narrow, and his lip curls, but the only thing Lilith can think in that moment is how beautiful he is. He wears the shape of a man, but he’s clearly not, something far more radiant and lovely than Adam could ever hope to be. She can tell he’s angry and dangerous and powerful and absolutely willing and capable of crushing her into nothing.

She can also tell he’s alone.

She follows him for a time, watching how he moves and how he always turns his face up towards the stars with a sense of longing in his eyes. He knows she’s there, she’s quite sure, but he doesn’t acknowledge her for a long time. Lilith tells herself that she’s being practical. This man could lead her to food or shelter, provisions better than the meagre things she uses to survive, but he never does. She wonders how he does not starve.

She selects a fish, something glistening and fresh that she pulls from the river herself. The flesh is bright and ruddy, and Lilith plucks the bones out and discards them so that everything is smooth and clean by the time she goes to present it to him. It’s dripping, red like her lips, and she holds it out with a calm, expectant gaze.

Lilith doesn’t understand what he says, but she’s sure it’s an insult from the way he snarls the word. She smiles. It makes no sense. The air around him crackles, and he seems to suck the light out of the sky and pull it into his being. Regardless of this, she is not afraid of him. No, Lilith has already decided from that scowl and that smooth growl of a voice that she wants him.

“Fish,” she says plainly, holding her gift out. She drags the word out like she’s talking to a child.

“I know what a fish is,” he snaps.

If Lilith is surprised, she hides it well, but her eyes brighten with delight. She tears a chunk of flesh off and holds it out to him. “Eat,” she explains.

“I’ve no need,” he says, pushing past her, but she follows him, right on his heels, lured by the way the air seems to hum around him.

“You don’t eat?” she asks.

“I’m an angel,” he says, and the word is enough to make her stop.

Lilith freezes, toes stretched half through a step, transfixed by the word. “Angels guard the garden,” she whispers.

There’s a moment where he seems ready to flee, like he’s given away some dark and filthy secret. He stands, poised and terribly tense, hesitating still, then turning slowly to look at her. He swallows, though he has no need, a painfully human gesture. “Have you seen them?”

She shakes her head. “No.”

There’s sadness in his eyes when he nods, downcast with disappointment and yet unsurprised.

“Do you know them?”

He looks up quietly, and it’s the first time she’s seen his eyes up close. They tell her far more than his words. “I thought so,” he whispers, after a moment.

Lilith steps forward, captivated by the strange vulnerability in his eyes. “What’s your name, angel?”

He licks his lips, and Lilith thinks she likes that gesture too. For something she can tell is immense and powerful, there’s something charmingly boyish in his nervousness. He holds her gaze and says, “Lucifer.”

“Lucifer,” she repeats, rolling the name off her tongue. “I’m--”

“I know who you are.”

“Of course you do.” She smiles and reaches for his arm, not at all offended when he flinches out of the touch. “You should follow me. It’s going to rain soon, Lucifer.”

“I am an angel,” he says again, a pointed break between each syllable.

“And that means you like to sit out in the rain?”


“Very well, Lucifer. If you should like to sit out in the rain by yourself, I shall not stop you.”

It’s the “by yourself” that gets him, she knows, grinning secretly when she hears his footsteps behind her. This angel, this Lucifer absolutely radiates loneliness. She feels a certain pity for him, but she entertains little else.

He lingers in the opening to the cave she calls her dwelling, watching with a curious tilt of his head as she heaps up skins and grass to make her bed.

“Do you sleep?”


Lilith tilts her head, mimicking his posture for a moment before dropping the skin draped over her shoulders to the floor, stepping past the pool of fur at her feet, and reaching to untie her hair. She keeps her back turned, but she feels his eyes on her. An angel, Lilith reminds herself, but one in the body of a man.

“Are you just going to watch?” she asks.

“Watch what?”


“What are you going to do?”

She laughs softly. “What indeed.”

Lucifer doesn’t seem to understand, which only delights Lilith more. There’s something immense and dark in his eyes, yet it’s balanced by the sense of naivety. She turns, pushing her hair back from her shoulders, stretching the delicate curve of her neck.

“Would you like to lie down?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you not know?”

“I have never done so; thus, I do not know if I would like it.”

Lilith smiles again, pressing her lips together at the center to withhold the gesture and avoid the potential to mock him. He’s proud, she can tell. He stands straight, shoulders squared, chin lifted.

“You should try it.”


“It feels good.”

She reaches, fingers brushing on the insides of his wrists, and she can feel his blood moving. Lilith tells herself that his pulse quickens at the touch, but she’s not exactly sure. Still, she pulls him along, stepping backwards across the cave floor until her feet find the softness of furs and worn skins. Lilith lowers herself slowly, pulling him with her and relishing in how he bends to the gentlest pressure. She presses her hand against his chest, fingers splayed as she pushes him down. Now, she is certain his heart skips.

Lucifer’s chest is taut muscle, tan skin that is deliciously smooth and warm under Lilith’s touch. There is no illusion here. They both know that he’s allowing her to hold him there, but that doesn’t diminish her enjoyment of how he looks laid out beneath her. There’s a strange tension to his body, every muscle coiled and ready to pounce, but his eyes are calm, and he blinks slowly, almost hazily, as he looks up at her. She lies across him, using his body as a support to cradle hers and relishing the firmness and the warmth of companionship for the first time since she marched out of Eden.

“You breathe,” she whispers, tracing a finger across his chest.


“Hmm…” Lilith closes her eyes and falls asleep.


She doesn’t see him again for some time. She assumes that she scared him off. For all he looks like a man, she sensed something wild, saw something almost animalistic behind his eyes. It’s strange to think she misses him, considering she only met him once, but there’s something about that radiance that he simply seems to exude that she longs for.

The rain comes again, a torrential downpour that drenches her and has her fleeing to her cave earlier than usual. She strips naked and huddles under a skin to dry, almost missing the shadow that the figure casts in the opening. Lilith turns, sitting upright and tilting her head. She’s surprised, but she won’t let that show.

“Decided you don’t like the rain?” she asks.

“I do like it,” Lucifer says quietly.

“Then why are you here?”

“I don’t know.” He steps forward, and she knows after one look in his eyes why he’s come.

The angel is lonely.

“Come here,” she whispers, and he does.

He drops to his knees, turning like he’s going to lie down as before, but this time, Lilith catches him. Her fingers curve around his jaw, turning his face so that she can fit her lips against his. He makes a curious noise in his throat at the first brush of her tongue, and she realizes, quite happily, that he’s never been touched. Once more, she presses her hands to his chest, easing him onto his back and smiling against his lips at how he allows himself to be moved. She keeps her focus on his mouth, sucking and nibbling his bottom lip as she runs her hands down the length of his body, feeling a rush of heat beneath her fingertips that proves this angel’s body works like any other man’s would. The skins slide off her shoulders, pool at her waist, fall away completely as she moves one leg across his thighs, a contrast of milky white against honey tan, easing herself up onto his hips. Lilith rolls her hips once, feeling his erection press against her and laughing softly at how his breath stutters at the lightest contact.

Lucifer leans up, trying to kiss more, trying to touch more, trying to get more of whatever this is. His hands are firm on Lilith’s waist, holding her there and hoping that she’ll make that little move again. She chides him with a little click of her tongue and whispers, “Relax,” before laying her hands over his and guiding his fingers over her body. She’s lines of firm muscle blending into soft curves, and she likes that he’s careful without being overly delicate with her. She opens her eyes when his hands stop halfway up the insides of her thighs and gives him a permissive nod before he’ll slide his fingers between where their bodies rest against each other. He’s observant, which she likes, noting every catch of breath and twitch of her face that indicates whether she likes what he’s doing. She opens her eyes halfway to find him staring at her face with something like awe.

“Enough,” she says, pushing his hand away. He looks disappointed for a second before she has shifted to pull off the thin covering around his waist. As he was, she’s careful without being too soft, wrapping her hand around him and giving a few testing strokes to introduce him to the contact. His lashes flutter, and his lips fall open in the first moan of pleasure. Lilith smiles, lifting her own body up and using her hand to guide him into her, gasping with him the second time. She braces herself against him, hands on his chest as she lifts and rocks her hips in a steady rhythm, and when he reaches up, hands running up her thighs before holding her hips to guide the motion, she lets him, somehow balancing control between them. He doesn’t last long, but she’s not disappointed. His first time and already he knows how to keep his hands moving across her skin, how to support her weight just so, how to let her control the motion near the end so that she’s throwing her head back and crying out with him as she feels his muscles tensing under her hands.

When it’s over, she leans forward, touching her forehead to his and enshrouding them in a curtain of red that falls over her shoulders as she catches her breath. Somehow, she expects disgust or shame in his gaze, but she finds none, and she kisses him again, different now, soft and affectionate like he means something to her. It’s idiotic and asinine, and Lilith hates herself for it, but Lucifer kisses her back like there’s something there that he wants too, and she decides to let herself have this.

He’s there when she wakes in the morning and for many others that follow. She captivates him, memorizes him, learns every way to make him cry out in bliss. In the years that come after, they’ll say he twisted her. They’ll say he corrupted her and tortured her and turned her into something else, and Lilith will just laugh. She was already corrupt, already disgraced and exiled. Lucifer didn’t turn her into anything she wasn’t already. He just gave her a reason to embrace it.

FILL, Team Anna/Jo, Lust

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Prompt, Team Castiel/Crowley, Wrath

[personal profile] fairielore 2013-10-21 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
War manages to get back his ring/his strength and wants gets his revenge on the Winchesters for taking it. He holds back no punches and makes sure that his punishment is bloody and painful.

If he decides to kill him and Death shows up he gives him an earful for not helping him or his brothers in their weakened state.
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PROMPT: Team Anna/Ruby, Pride/Wrath: Abaddon & Crowley

[personal profile] mllenightingale 2013-10-21 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Abaddon has arrived in the 21st century to find Hell's throne usurped by somebody she deems unworthy. With pride she announces herself as queen of a new regime, and seeks out Crowley upon whom to rain down her wrath.
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Prompt, Team Castiel/Crowley, Gluttony

[personal profile] fairielore 2013-10-21 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Why did the Leviathans choose burgers in particular as their medium of choice for their world domination? Because it was Castiel's favourite food and it was their subtle little thank you. Basically, the Leviathans managed to defeat the Winchester and take over, though they keep Castiel around because he was instrumental in their escape though his body is under possession by another Leviathan at the time. But eventually maybe having this retirement isn't quite so bad.
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Prompt, (Team Crowley/Sam), Wrath

[personal profile] mooseleys 2013-10-21 04:20 pm (UTC)(link)
There's a darkness in Sam, a "temper issue," as Crowley describes it. Most of the time he manages to keep it under control, but there are moments, especially where his loved ones are concerned, where Sam's wrath gets out of control. Whereas most people tend to just get out of the way when this happens, Crowley has found that the best way for Sam to get the rage out of his system is to goad him into taking it out on Crowley.
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FILL, Crowley/Sam, Wrath, NSFW, some violence

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-22 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Crowley knew exactly what to do when Sam came into the room like this. His shoulders were stiff and held strongly, his fists tightly grasped at his sides. Sam’s lip was curled, but he didn’t glare at Crowley. He threw himself onto the bed, pressing his face against the pillow, and Crowley raised his eyebrows at him.

"Bad day?" Sam gave a groan that was really more a growl against his pillow, and Crowley hummed, thoughtful.

”Why do I share a fuckin’ room with you? You’re nosy and dumb and arrogant and-“

"Because we fuck occasionally, perhaps? And that’s a charming accusation from you, given that you, ah, literally started the Apocalypse." Sam’s head snapped up, and Crowley thought, just for a moment, that the boy might actually tear Crowley’s throat out with his teeth.

The idea was appealing, but alas, Crowley was not nearly so lucky that day. Sam threw himself off the bed and grabbed Crowley by the shirt (and it was a t-shirt, because his last suit was ruined and the Winchesters wouldn’t pay for him to get another tailored, so now he was stuck in idiotic sloganed t-shirts with Hell’s Bells and a silly caricature of Satan on it) and pulled him close.

"I could destroy you." Sam whispered, and it was with the sort of intensity that always got Crowley all hot and bothered, and the sort of actual fury where Crowley thought Sam might throttle him. "I could fuckin’ kill you, Crowley."

"Do it, pretty boy, I’d love to see you try." He purred, and Sam’s hand moved from Crowley’s shirt to Crowley’s throat, squeezing just slightly, and Crowley gave a choked little noise. “Come on, now, Moose, let it all out.”

Sam gave a grunt of sound, and Crowley grinned at him, a smug expression. Sam snapped. He threw Crowley back and across the room, so that the smaller man thumped audibly against the wall and then he moved forwards, grabbing at the hem of the shirt and pulling it roughly over Crowley’s head.

"Put your hands on the bed’s footboard." Crowley did, watching Sam with interest. He gave a happy little purr of sound as Sam moved behind him with a flogger in hand. "Wrath’s a cardinal sin, you know."

“Shut up.”
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Prompt, Team Castiel/Crowley, Pride

[personal profile] fairielore 2013-10-21 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
God!Castiel manages to thwart the Winchester's plans to have him return all the souls to Purgatory, and stays in power. How does he continue to rule earth, heaven, and hell? What does he do with the Winchesters? Does he choose to bring back any of his fallen brothers or sisters?
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FILL, Team Crowley/Sam, Worshipping False Idols

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-23 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
Crowley was on his knees again, looking up at Castiel. Castiel loved it when Crowley was on his knees in front of him like this, because it wasn't enough that Castiel was so much taller than him, he wanted to be above Crowley, far above him.
He reached out, put his hand on Crowley's cheek, and Crowley pressed into the touch, one hand on the back of Castiel's, Pride was a cardinal sin, Crowley knew, and Castiel was full of it, but worshipping false idols was rather naughty as well.

It was alright. Crowley had fallen from the grace of God such a long time ago, and it didn't matter if he allowed himself to bathe in sin now, if he allowed himself to worship Castiel as God, as the way a demon like him was meant to worship Lucifer.

Crowley pressed a kiss to the palm of Castiel's hand, keeping in place and just turning his head into the touch to do so. "Crowley..." Castiel warned, but Crowley caught his eyes with a pleading expression. Oh, how Crowley adored this charming little roleplay.

"Let me. Please, let me worship you." Crowley leaned forwards, cheek against his thigh, head close enough to Castiel's crotch that the false God gave a soft sigh. "Please, sir, majesty, glory, allow me to, let me." Pride was such a beautifully fickle little thing, and it was just so easy for Crowley to play with Castiel's.
"Undress me." Crowley was eager to do so, leaving Castiel naked before him, and God (oops, blasphemy, but who minded a little blasphemy when one was about to bugger the man angel deity himself?), Crowley was most definitely ready to get involved.
Crowley pressed kisses and gentle touches across the other's skin, careful and worshipful, looking upon Castiel's beautiful skin and adoring it with his eyes and his hands, showing his fascination, his need, his love.
Castiel liked it when Crowley feigned his love, and Crowley enjoyed the act himself.
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Prompt, Castiel/Crowley, Kindness

[personal profile] fairielore 2013-10-21 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Zachariah is one of the angels who has been on earth the longest and thus has a greater understanding of them than most other angels do. Sometimes, he manages to empathize with them more than he can with his own brothers and sisters and they're often quite boring for conversation (and Uriel's humour is pretty bad to what some of these humans have come up with). I'd like some similar scenes as to what happened when he was in that bar talking to that guy when he'd been fired, though have it happen earlier chronology. Perhaps after he hears after their grievances he does something nice for them.
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Prompt, Castiel/Crowey, 7 Sins

[personal profile] fairielore 2013-10-21 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Excerpts of God (Chuck, if you'd like) displaying each of the seven deadly sins. (Bonus for excerpts of displaying the virtues as well.)
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PROMPT: Team Anna/Ruby, Lust/Chastity: Nancy Fitzgerald/Author's Choice [ NSFW ]

[personal profile] mllenightingale 2013-10-21 04:48 pm (UTC)(link)
NANCY: When this is over, I’m gonna have so much sex. (PHIL looks at NANCY) But not with you.

Let's deny that the end of Jus in Bello ever happened just because no. In the aftermath of their stand against demons in the police station, Nancy makes good on her promise to herself.

[ Femslash would be nice but Nancy x any Supernatural character who could be made to fit would work. ]
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PROMPT: Team Castiel/Dean/Samandriel, Sloth

[personal profile] stabbyvamp 2013-10-21 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Domestic AU, possibly could turn into a NSFW prompt.
Castiel convinces his boyfriend, Benny, to stay in bed all day. Half-assed pillow fights, tickle wars, lazy kisses, and fluff ensue.
destielixer: Misha Collins (Default)

Fill, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Sloth [Sort of NSFW]

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-22 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
Castiel snuggled up to his boyfriend. It’s cold and dark this morning, it must’ve rained he concludes as he looks past Benny towards the window. He likes to wake up on mornings like these and just do nothing. Literally nothing but lie here in bed with the one he loves.

“Cas, come on, get up, I gotta go to work,” Benny muttered, his mouth saying one thing but his body doing the other as he turned towards Castiel, arms going around his waist and pulling him closer. They were still naked from the activities of the night before. Possessively Benny draped his leg over Castiel’s, getting comfortable. Five more minutes he told himself.

Castiel giggled, “I think someone’s still tired,” he says, his fingers lifting to trail down Benny’s face, over his closed eyes, down his nose and through his unshaven beard. “You could stay in bed with me all day,” he whispered invitingly as his fingers tantalizingly traced over Benny’s lips. He gasped in shock when Benny nipped his pointer finger, taking it into his mouth and letting his tongue swirl over it as he sucked gently on the digit. Castiel whined and pressed closer to him, “Stay…” he begged looking into Benny’s eyes.

Benny chuckles letting go of his lover’s finger, “I have an important meeting today Cas, can’t afford to miss it,” he coos. He would definitely like to stay in bed with Castiel today what with the dreary weather outside. They would be warm and snuggly in bed with the covers and each other telling stories and fooling around…and possibly some more sex.

Five minutes was up and Benny had to go, grudgingly pulling himself into a sitting position, he leaned in and kissed Castiel on his forehead, “I’m sorry,” he apologized seeing the way Castiel immediately frowned, “I’ll make it up to you tonight with dinner okay?” Benny promised.

Castiel folded his arms across his chest; he was cross. “I don’t want dinner, I want you…” he murmured. This was so unfair. Why was it when he had his off day Benny had to go and have an important meeting? His eyes followed Benny around the room, as he got ready for work, the weather would be such a waste today if Benny were to go.

He caught the way Castiel glared at him from the reflection in the mirror as he pulled on his shirt and buttoned it, “Shouldn’t you be getting out of bed?”

“No,” Castiel replied still staring at him stubbornly, “I intended to spend the whole day here with you, but you need to go to work!” he said launching one of the pillows across the room, barely missing Benny who stepped out of the way.

“You can’t blame me can you?” he asked as he picked out a blue tie, picking up the pillow, he walked back over to the bed where Castiel was and dumped the pillow in his lap, “Trust me I would love to spend this morning with you as well.”

At that Castiel grinned, kneeling up on the bed as he crawled over to the edge where Benny was, he took the tie from his boyfriend and helped him with it, “Is there anyway that I can convince you to stay?” he asked, feeling Benny’s callused hands on his hips, steadying him as he worked through the knot in the tie.

Benny grinned. ‘Hell yes,’ he thought as he tightened his grip on Castiel’s bare flesh. He wanted so badly to get back in bed with Cas and spend the day there. “I’d like to say yes, but no.”

“Really?” Castiel pressed, cocking his head to the side in the way he knew attracted Benny.

“Yeah,” Benny growled but moved in and pressed his lips to Castiel’s neck, kissing the marks that he’d left on him last night as he inhaled Castiel’s unique scent. He felt Castiel shudder at his touch, his arms moving around his waist tugging on his belt.

“You know you want to stay,” Cas tempted him, fingers tickling Benny’s sensitive sides now and making him yelp. “If you don’t I intend to torture you like this.”

Benny laughed, trying to bat Castiel’s hands away and failing numerous times. Instead he scooped Castiel up and unceremoniously fell back in bed with him. Benny ran his beard down Castiel’s bare stomach hearing him laugh; he liked how Castiel laughed like that. He was so sensitive.

“Benny! S-stop!” Castiel was gasping for breath now in between laughs, he pushed on Benny’s shoulder and his boyfriend gave in, pulling back from his tickle torture. Castiel smiled up at him, “Stay?” he asked again.

This time Benny nodded, dropping a kiss on Castiel’s lips, “I guess one day isn’t all that bad. Plus the meeting can take care of itself, I’m sure Dean knows what to do. Guess I’ll just have to call in sick.”

“That’s lying,” Castiel teased feeling Benny’s clothed body against his as they lay in bed together.

“And you’re lazy,” Benny retorted, as he smirked and shook his head in mock disappointment.

Cas raised a brow, “You fell into temptation Benny.”

“I wonder why,” he replied his hand smoothing over Castiel’s bare torso, caressing him.

“Careful, you don’t want to commit too many sins,” Cas giggled, then sighed in contentment as he settled against Benny. “I’m glad you stayed.”

“Yeah? I’m glad I did too.”
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PROMPT: Castiel/Dean/Samandriel, Lust (NSFW)

[personal profile] stabbyvamp 2013-10-21 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Dean gets hit with a 'fuck or die' curse that amplifies the lust he already feels for Castiel and Samandriel, and they are more than willing to help him through it.
destielixer: Misha Collins (Default)

Fill, Team Balthazar/Castiel, Lust (NSFW)

[personal profile] destielixer 2013-10-22 01:34 am (UTC)(link)


The pillow muffled Samandriel’s cries as he was hammered into over and over; Dean’s hands gripping his hips tight and forming small crescent marks on his skin as he thrust in harder and deeper. His legs were splayed apart where he lay on his knees, accepting every single thrust inside him, Dean felt so good, so big. He couldn't ask for anything more, really. The feeling of being spread apart, filled up, until he was trembling and mewling, until he was nothing but a hot mess for Dean’s cock…

He whimpered softly as Dean jacked him up, yanking him back against his chest and stroking at his red, swollen cock. All the while Castiel lay back against the pillows, his own cock in his hands, stroking, tugging on it as he watched them, watched him get fucked. He shuddered against Dean, eyes rolling back in his head as Dean whispered filthy things to him in his ear, his breath hot against it. Samandriel was too far-gone to really comprehend the words though.

Samandriel cried loudly as he came, ribbons of thick semen spurting forth until he slumped back against Dean, who was still rocking into him, over and over, fingers digging into his hips so hard he swore there would be bruises. He wasn't sure if Dean was close or not having been too enraptured by his own pleasure to think about the other.

He mewled as he was dropped onto the bed again, legs spread wide with his hole open and raw, red and dribbling cum. He hadn't even felt Dean orgasm, too tired; too pleasured to care at all. Samandriel gasped as he felt fingers, fucking his oversensitive hole, stretching him out and letting more semen trickle out of him.

"Damn it Samandriel, you make such a fucking hot mess.” Dean’s voice rasped, so full of lust, so husky.

His eyes fluttered open and craning his neck to glance over his shoulder he saw Dean guiding Castiel. Castiel whose hands were stained in his own ejaculate and was now fucking him with his fingers. The thought that Cas had got off on watching him get fucked by Dean awakened something inside Samandriel as he rocked his hips back onto Castiel’s fingers now.

"Cas, that’s enough. Clean him up. You know how I like a good clean-up…”

Dean is barely done speaking when Cas is on his knees behind the youngest of the trio, gripping his ass and spreading his cheeks, tongue diving into his hole and slurping up the last of Dean’s orgasm. Samandriel moaned beneath him, trembling and scrabbling against the sheets as he was tortured…no…pleasured by Castiel’s hot tongue searching him, sucking him dry, until he's clean from the inside out.

They could both feel Dean watching them, his dangerous mouth whispering softly, "It isn't very sanitary to be putting your mouth on places in places like that,” he rasped his hand grabbing Castiel’s cock, gently stroking the sensitive organ and masking Cas moan against Samandriel’s ass.

Castiel was confused, horribly so, but he didn't stop. He didn’t stop until Dean's cum was all but smeared along the inside of his throat. Dean caught his face, roughly drawing him up, his fingers grasping his chin as he told him, “Open your mouth Cas. Show me what you’ve got in your mouth.”

Castiel obeyed and he opened his mouth under Dean’s instructions his eyes gazing up into Dean’s green ones now darkened with lust. He wanted Dean to fuck him too…not just Samandriel.

Dean was satisfied at the strings of cum and saliva coating his throat and laying across his tongue, waiting to be swallowed. He leaned in and kissed Castiel languidly, tasting himself. Castiel gripped tight to him fingers digging into his flesh. So desperate for a fuck. Dean pulled back, telling Castiel, “Now go share with Samandriel."

Samandriel could barely move as he lay in bed, still coming down from his high so Castiel was the one to start it. Samandriel mewled against Castiel’s lips, as he tasted the traces of Dean's orgasm on both their lips, pulling away with a string of it between them, only for their tongues to join once more and lap it away.

When they had both had their fill, they collapsed against each other. They opened their eyes to Dean who hovered above them, kissing their temples as he whispered, "That was one hell of a curse."
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PROMPT, team gabriel/lucifer/sam, pride

[personal profile] fightlikeagirl 2013-10-21 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
as much as gabriel knows he shouldn't encourage anything unworthy in lucifer, his brother is so very beautiful, and he can't help enjoying grooming him.
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FILL, Team Crowley/Sam, Falling For It, Gabriel&Lucifer

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-23 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Lucifer's wings were incredibly beautiful, and Gabriel did honestly, truly, enjoy grooming them when he had time free. They had to groom each other's wings, given the sheer vastness of them, and Gabriel was always very eager to groom Lucifer's.

They were beautiful, more beautiful than any of the others' wings, and even though Gabriel was aware it was wrong to feel pride, knew that pride was one of the biggest sins, he couldn't help but feel pride for his brother's wings, so much more glorious than his own.

He would settle and comb through the feathers, feel the warm, pretty plumage under his grasp, and remove the dead feathers, comb out the mats and make them clean and pretty, and oil them with what secreted from the small glands on Lucifer's body hidden beneath the span of them.

Gabriel didn't mean to, but occasionally he would say something that would make Lucifer stand straighter with pride, and Gabriel shouldn't have said those things, but he so loved it when his wings spread and stiffened so gloriously and perfectly to Gabriel's gaze, and to anyone else's.

It began to go too far, of course, and Lucifer became too prideful. Gabriel had to think of some way to respond, to bring Lucifer down a peg, and, well... Gabriel's way was sound enough in his mind.

He settled to groom Lucifer's wings as usually, combing through the feathers, coaxing forth the sweet-scented, golden oil from the glands at his back. He was subtle in his careful motions over Lucifer's back, creating the slightest tickle and building it to an itch. It was directly in the centre, between Lucifer's wings where Gabriel knew he couldn't reach.

"Ga-Gabriel, can you just, scratch-"

"Oh, man, Luci, I gotta go! Messages to deliver and all that!" Gabriel disappeared, and Lucifer gave a soft sound of frustration, shifting where he sat. Lucifer would not allow the lower angels to touch his wings or his back, and as time passed, the itch got worse and worse, and more uncomfortable.

"Michael, Michael, come back up to Heaven."

"Lucifer, I'm sort of busy, I have three countries to build and there are these four fledglings that are learning to fly and I need to show them how to position their win-"

"Don't talk to me about wings! Just come up, it will only take a second and I need-"

"No, Lucifer, get someone else."


It was a while later that Lucifer finally found Raphael, and Raphael shook his head as he reached out, scratching over the itchy spot.

"You fell for it again?"

"I didn't fall for it! He said he'd not do it again!"

"And you believed him."

"Shut up, Raphael."
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PROMPT, Team Anna/Jo, Vices and Virtues

[personal profile] twinkie_pie 2013-10-21 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
(slightly AU I think would work best) Anna encompasses the 7 Holy Virtues, while Ruby's much more close to the 7 Deadly Sins. Anna wants to help Ruby to be holy, though Ruby's much more interested in dragging the angel down to her level.
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PROMPT, Team Crowley/Sam, Kevin and Wrath

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-21 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Could I prompt Kevin getting extremely stressed out about all his homework, study, exams and so forth, and breaking into complete fury in his room, throwing stuff around, and then some hurt/comfort with Channing and Kevin?
thedahlingdarling: (Default)

Fill, Team Anna/Jo, Kevin + Wrath

[personal profile] thedahlingdarling 2013-10-30 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
I didn't follow the prompt to the letter, so not sure if this counts.
But wrathful!kevin is my favorite kevin.
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PROMPT, Team Crowley/Sam, Abaddon/Dean Lust, NSFW

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-21 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Abaddon gets bored, and she follows Dean around on a hunt, creating little occurrences to corrupt him and make him as lust-filled as possible, intending to sexually frustrate him as much as she can before sneaking into his motel room and relieving all the tension she set up.
Edited 2013-10-21 22:46 (UTC)
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PROMPT, Team Crowley/Sam, Greed, NSFW

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-21 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not actually certain if this one would count as greed OR gluttony, but I suppose it comes to lust too - I'd like to see some Alastair/Dean, with Dean just wanting more and more sex and Alastair allowing it but being amused by how greedy Dean is. Could also apply to torture on the rack if you want to do both!
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PROMPT, Team Crowley/Sam, Pride

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-21 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd love to see some Gabriel/Kali!
I'd like for Gabriel (as Loki), to have somehow pranked Kali and to brag about it constantly, and for Kali to take him down a peg by pranking him back.
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PROMPT, Team Crowley/Sam, Patience

[personal profile] assdictionary 2013-10-21 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I think this could work for a few different ships, but I'd particularly like some Balthazar/Castiel. Just Balthazar patiently waiting for Castiel? Either to notice Balthazar's attraction to him, or more literally, Balthazar Falling before Castiel and waiting patiently for his brother to join him as a free angel.
I'd really like a portrayal of Balthazar as he is in cannon - snarky, but still incredibly tender when it comes to Cas.

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