FILL, Crowley/Sam, Wrath, NSFW, some violence

Date: 2013-10-22 10:22 pm (UTC)
assdictionary: (Default)
Crowley knew exactly what to do when Sam came into the room like this. His shoulders were stiff and held strongly, his fists tightly grasped at his sides. Sam’s lip was curled, but he didn’t glare at Crowley. He threw himself onto the bed, pressing his face against the pillow, and Crowley raised his eyebrows at him.

"Bad day?" Sam gave a groan that was really more a growl against his pillow, and Crowley hummed, thoughtful.

”Why do I share a fuckin’ room with you? You’re nosy and dumb and arrogant and-“

"Because we fuck occasionally, perhaps? And that’s a charming accusation from you, given that you, ah, literally started the Apocalypse." Sam’s head snapped up, and Crowley thought, just for a moment, that the boy might actually tear Crowley’s throat out with his teeth.

The idea was appealing, but alas, Crowley was not nearly so lucky that day. Sam threw himself off the bed and grabbed Crowley by the shirt (and it was a t-shirt, because his last suit was ruined and the Winchesters wouldn’t pay for him to get another tailored, so now he was stuck in idiotic sloganed t-shirts with Hell’s Bells and a silly caricature of Satan on it) and pulled him close.

"I could destroy you." Sam whispered, and it was with the sort of intensity that always got Crowley all hot and bothered, and the sort of actual fury where Crowley thought Sam might throttle him. "I could fuckin’ kill you, Crowley."

"Do it, pretty boy, I’d love to see you try." He purred, and Sam’s hand moved from Crowley’s shirt to Crowley’s throat, squeezing just slightly, and Crowley gave a choked little noise. “Come on, now, Moose, let it all out.”

Sam gave a grunt of sound, and Crowley grinned at him, a smug expression. Sam snapped. He threw Crowley back and across the room, so that the smaller man thumped audibly against the wall and then he moved forwards, grabbing at the hem of the shirt and pulling it roughly over Crowley’s head.

"Put your hands on the bed’s footboard." Crowley did, watching Sam with interest. He gave a happy little purr of sound as Sam moved behind him with a flogger in hand. "Wrath’s a cardinal sin, you know."

“Shut up.”
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