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Bonus Round 0 is now closed, and Bonus Round 1 is now open! Let's get creating, shall we?

This round, the theme is book-based AUs.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to see, please leave a book title, the characters involved, and any other details as a PROMPT below. Then read through everyone else's prompts, and leave a FILL for any which catch your eye. Fills can be in any media, and they need not be long, but please put a little effort in--if anyone starts spamming this post for points, we'll be able to tell.

You should place PROMPT/FILL, your current team affiliation and a brief summary in the comment title. NSFW prompts and fills should mention this in the summary or at the top of the post.

You will be awarded five points per prompt for the first five prompts you leave. The first three fills posted for each prompt will receive 15 points, the next three 10 points, and the next three 5 points. Prompts with ten or more fills will no longer receive fill points.

Bonus rounds are still rarepair only, but you can post prompts or fills for any rare ship this round, including gen/platonic ones (which should be indicated with an & as above). However, you may not fill your own prompt. We also encourage people not to fill prompts from their teammates, although the points will not be deducted if you do.

Bonus round fills can include links provided they are publicly viewable. Works can also be cross-posted to other websites, as there is no anonymity requirement in bonus rounds. However, works posted directly to comments will be limited to 16,000 characters by the Dreamwidth comment limit. Longer works should therefore be divided between multiple comments.

Remember, Team Chuck can participate in bonus rounds, and if you change teams, points earned will transfer with you until the end of the team shuffle period.

This round will close on October 6.
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“Give me one good reason, angelface. One that doesn’t have anything to do with God or your mommy.”

Naomi hugged her books to her chest and looked up at the other girl. Abbey was gorgeous, the pinnacle of maturity and feminine beauty. She was all red and black, starting from her disheveled heap of auburn curls down to her pristine leather boots. It gave her an edge, such an edge that they called her Abaddon. She didn’t mind it; she loved it.


“I don’t have a date,” Naomi whispered, after a moment. She had a thousand other excuses, but most of them did go back to her mother or something about religion. She supposed she could just say that she didn’t want to go, but that would be dishonest. God must hate dishonesty as much as he hates parties.

Abaddon snorted. “Who says you need one?”

“I don’t want to go alone.”

“You can go with me.”

Naomi glanced up through her lashes and frowned. It would be bad enough to admit lusting after a boy, but at least the health classes told her that was relatively normal. Lusting after another woman though? What would Mama say?

“Fine, fine,” Abaddon said, heaving an exasperated sigh. “If I get you a date, will you go?”

Naomi nodded, but only because she sincerely doubted Abaddon could pull that off.

“Don’t you worry, angelface. I’ll get you a good, respectable man that even mommy dearest can’t complain about.”

Naomi knew there was no such thing.

It was the end of fourth period when she returned, seeking Naomi out at her locker with a broad grin.

“Guess who’s going to prom?” she sang, but she didn’t give Naomi a chance to answer. “You and Lucas Cain.”

Lucifer?” Naomi squeaked.

Abaddon just rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on. You’re not going to let some stupid junior high nickname keep you from scoring with Lucas Cain. Excuse me, but have you seen him?”

Bright red coloured Naomi’s cheeks. “I’m not going to--”

“Your loss then, but whatever. Come on. He’s a straight A academic from a political family. What can Mommy possibly have to complain about?”

“He’s a boy.”

“I said you could go with me.”

“His name is Lucifer.”

Nickname. He doesn’t even go by it. They just call him that because he’s devilishly delicious.”

Naomi’s eyes grew wider at the implication. “You…”

“We’re old friends, nothing serious. Trust me, sweetheart, he’ll take good care of you.”

“So what, you… you bribed him to take me?”

“Bribed? Honey, no. Why do you think that?”

“Lucas only likes pretty, popular girls.”

“Well, between you and me, Lucas doesn’t like much of anyone most days.” Abaddon shrugged.

“I thought he was with Lilith?”

A light, airy laugh passed through red lips. “Oh, no. Not for a long time.”

Naomi squirmed with indecision while Abaddon tapped her long red nails on the locker.

“Well? Come on. He wants to go with you, and you’d be a fool not to want to go with him. The man’s a god, angelface.”

“...You’re going to be there though, right?”

“Of course. I’ll even save you a dance.”

Naomi licked her lips. They were thin and pale pink, not full and luscious and red like Abaddon’s. “Okay.”


Mama wasn’t pleased at all. The argument was loud and dragged on up until the very moment Naomi ran out the door, white dress flashing in the night behind her. She had felt so pretty before, but once she caught a glimpse of her reflection, she realized that her eyes were red and her cheeks were puffy from crying. It was ruined. Everything was ruined, and the most confusing part was how angry she felt. She’d expected to be ashamed and sad, but this burning, surging rage inside of her confused her.

“Do you think we could just sit here for a minute?” she whispered.

“As long as you like,” Lucas replied.

Naomi was relieved that he was far kinder than his nickname might suggest. In fact, she didn’t necessarily find him “devilishly delicious” at all. He was soft-spoken, gentle, understanding, and the way he treated her through the night made her feel more special than she ever had. Naomi felt like a princess, and then she was queen. She was quite sure that the only reason she’d gotten a single vote for prom queen was because the students wouldn’t accept anyone but Lucas as king, but when he took her hand to guide her up to the stage, it didn’t matter why she had won, just that she had. It was an absolutely perfect moment, the highlight of her life. She felt, for the first time, truly happy.

And then it happened. The world seemed to halt, dragging in slow motion as the reeking, sticky blood drenched her, seeping into her perfect white dress, matting her hair, slicking her skin, and seeping into her mouth. Naomi was certain she must be screaming, but she couldn’t hear her own voice. There was a high-pitched squeal in her ears, and she could feel the vibration of something intimate and unfamiliar at her core. Her vision blurred, blackness creeping in around the corners of her eyes and blocking everything out. Until she saw red, not the dark, dead colour that drenched her, but the bright and familiar shade that highlighted Abbadon’s hair and lips and hands.

“I’m right here, angelface,” she whispered, reaching for Naomi’s hand.

Naomi clung to her, trying to get the words out past her own shaky, staggered gasps.

“Shh, I know. They won’t get away with this.”

Abaddon smiled, but Naomi didn’t understand, not at first. She stared, eyes rolling in her head as she became aware of the flames climbing up the walls. Something from the rafters had fallen, tearing wires and scattering sparks that smoldered and ignited. A bright red fingernail traced Naomi’s cheek.

“You can do it,” Abaddon whispered, lips brushing the shell of Naomi’s ear. “You have the power. Let it go.”

It was like a burning flash of white light tearing out of her. Naomi turned her eyes on each face in the crowd, each one who had mocked her, laughed at her, hurt her. Necks snapped. Flesh tore. Blood spilled from their fresh wounds and sprayed across the walls. Abaddon’s laugh was high and musical in Naomi’s ears.

“That’s my girl,” she said, taking Naomi’s hand. “Now, are you ready?”

Naomi nodded and twisted their fingers together in return. “Yes.”

“Good. We have a lot of work to do.”

Together, they stepped off the stage.