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Party Post (finally)!

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is so late. We hope you've had time to wind down and reflect a little on your experience with us. This is your time to celebrate! Revel in how well you did and congratulate your teammates and competition.

We're so happy you all joined us in this event. Thank you for your participation!

1.Castiel/Lucifer 2490 points
2.Crowley/Sam 2470 points
3.Anna/Jo 1990 points
4.Benny/Dean 1755 points
5.Castiel/Crowley 1745 points
6.Balthazar/Castiel 1650 points
7.Balthazar/Crowley 1620 points
8.Anna/Ruby 1560 points
9.Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam 1630 points
10.Dean/Michael 1290 points
11.Abaddon/Naomi 815 points
12.Castiel/Dean/Samandriel 785 points
13.Charlie/Jo 420 points
14.Bobby/Sam 310 points
15.MOTW 30 points
16.Chuck 5 points 

Because this post is so late, if you didn't get a banner and would like one, shoot me an ask at I can make team ranking banners or "SRS participant" + your url banners. Sorry again, and we hope you had fun!