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Final Leaderboard

The final official leaderboard, taking into account Bonus Round 6 and Main Round Three participation*/results/voting, is as follows:

Team Name Total Points (BR6/MR3 [voting bonuses are calculated in here])

1.Castiel/Lucifer 2490 points (85/400)
2.Crowley/Sam 2470 points (0/350)
3.Anna/Jo 1990 points (20/300)
4.Benny/Dean 1755 points (15/375)
5.Castiel/Crowley 1745 points (0/600)
6.Balthazar/Castiel 1650 points (0/0)
7.Balthazar/Crowley 1620 points (0/525)
8.Anna/Ruby 1560 points (15/0)
9.Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam 1630 points (0/500)
10.Dean/Michael 1290 points (0/400)
11.Abaddon/Naomi 815 points (0/0)
12.Castiel/Dean/Samandriel 785 points (0/0)
13.Charlie/Jo 420 points (0/0)
14.Bobby/Sam 310 points (0/0)
15.MOTW 30 points
16.Chuck 5 points

*Participation points have been calculated for teams that submitted before the Dec 10 deadline.

Congratulations to our winners, Team Lucifer/Castiel, and well done to everyone who took part! This competition has been a great success again this year, producing over 300 fanworks and scoring a total of over 20000 points. It's been lovely working with you all.

Team banners are currently being created and will be posted to tumblr as soon as they are completed!

If you have reason to believe this is inaccurate, please contact the mods immediately.