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Main Round Three Results

The voting is over, and the results are in!

1. Castiel/Crowley: FIC Have We Lost Ourselves
2. Balthazar/Crowley: ART Fergus' Fashions
Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam: GRAPHIC You Can't Be Half a Gangster
4. Castiel/Lucifer: FIC+FANMIX Heartstrings
Dean/Michael: FIC+GRAPHIC Speakeasy
6. Benny/Dean: ART+FIC Writer's Block
7. Crowley/Sam: FIC A Dalliance
8. Anna/Jo: FIC+FANMIX Run Away

Teams with the same number of votes have been awarded the same number of points.

Congratulations to everyone who produced an entry and thank you to everyone who voted. You are now free to de-anon your work wherever it is posted, or in the comments below!