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The fourth official leaderboard, taking into account Bonus Round 5 and Main Round Two results/voting, is as follows:

Team Name Total Points (BR5/MR2 [voting bonuses are calculated in here])

1.Crowley/Sam 2120 points (50/525)
2.Castiel/Lucifer 1930 points (165/375)
3.Balthazar/Castiel 1650 points (0/0)
4.Anna/Jo 1595 points (20/350)
5.Anna/Ruby 1545 points (55/600)
6.Benny/Dean 1365 points (100/525)
7.Castiel/Crowley 1070 points (10/400)
8.Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam 1055 points (5/350)
9.Balthazar/Crowley 1020 points (0/350)
10.Abaddon/Naomi 985 points (0/0)
11.Dean/Michael 815 points (60/250)
12.Castiel/Dean/Samandriel 785 points (15/300)
13.Charlie/Jo 420 points (0/0)
14.Bobby/Sam 310 points (0/0)
15.MOTW 30 points
16.Chuck 5 points

For information on earlier point totals, please check Leaderboard 1-3.

If you have reason to believe this is inaccurate, please contact the mods immediately.
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